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Tang is in!

Published:Monday | October 17, 2011 | 12:00 AM

1Why did you decide to sponsor Flirtatious?

Incorporating Flair's anniversary celebrations with charitable undertakings, especially at the start of the Christmas season, is, in one word, commendable. Tang, a product of Kraft Foods, would readily be a part of all this.

2How are you hoping to benefit from the sponsorship?

What is being done is about corporate good. Tang, as a result, is more enamoured with those benefiting from all that's charitable.

3What is your company's policy regarding corporate citizenship?

Tang and Kraft Foods are committed to corporate citizenship. Consumers are the very communities to be increasingly supported to foster what's binding.

4With Christmas fast approaching, do you have any special sales or marketing initiatives to share with Flair readers?

Tang will be staging a special event, Saturday, October 29, to enhance the Tang Treasure Trail promotion and to officially launch the new Tang Cranberry Grape flavour. Throughout the year, special sampling will be done of this new flavour and the brand will also be a part of various customer-appreciation days at a number of supermarkets and wholesale outlets islandwide.