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Policymakers must be more proactive

Published:Saturday | October 22, 2011 | 12:00 AM


The recent headline 'Safety issues at Dover irk cop', published in The Gleaner on October 19, indicates yet another troubling issue that has plagued Jamaica for as long as I can remember. This issue of "not implementing certain laws and guidelines until something happens, which normally results in death", is a common assault in Jamaica.

It is only when a situation arises that the relevant authority intervenes. Dover has been going on for years and no one saw it fit to have certain guidelines that the sponsors and promoters must adhere to.

No, it was never necessary until the 'Heroes of Speed' meet when a little boy was injured on the track at Dover.

Where were the child's parents? What parental supervision was given to this child? When will this lackadaisical policy come to a halt?

Jamaicans, is it that things must happen first before measures are put in place to prevent other occurrences? Is it that lives have to be lost or near-death experiences have to happen before eyes are opened?

Look around. The recent attack at a student by armed robbers at Charlie Smith High School, the deaths of primary-school students because of unsafe goalposts, the near-death experiences of residents because of poor road conditions are prime examples.

It is full time that the relevant persons put the right measures in place from day one so that certain accidents can be prevented, instead of saying, 'If mi did know?' when it is far too late.


St James