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Published:Thursday | October 27, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Tru-Juice's Kim Lee and André McLean, Guardsman Group's group finance manager found plenty to smile about.
Wray and Nephew's Raihn Sibblies (left) shares camera time with the Wyndham Kingston's Christina Taylor.
LIME's event manager Nathaniel Palmer (centre) chills with entrepreneur Matthew Duhaney and marketing exec Samantha Snape.
Camille and Winston Lawson say 'cheese'! - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Dainielle Martin (left) and Rasher McNeish saunter into the event.
Korah Sane Jude (left) poses with Allison Watson at the Ocean Spray WATA Alumni Football competition launch at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in Kingston on Friday.
Ryan Chung (centre) of NCB chats with Steven Brown, (left) sales director at The Herald Printers, and Rodger Brown, managing director, The Herald Printers, at the Ocean Spray WATA Alumni Football competition launch. - Rudolph Brown/ photographer
Patrice McHugh (right), managing director Bars To Go, poses with Kandise Morgan-Small at the Ocean Spray WATA Alumni Football competition launch.
People are still talking about the fabulous FLAIRTATIOUS party held on Saturday night to celebrate Flair's 27th anniversary. Here are some of the beautiful people who attended.


Chosen few

1. The story is one of spite, petty jealousies and vendettas that drove the organisation into the ground and frustrated legitimate businesses, while favouring the chosen few. What engagement?

2.Those close to the mix-up are saying she is a serial fiancée with three to four engagements in her past, and he has three to four marriages under his belt, but the decree nisi has not yet been granted in the last marriage, leaving the wife in shock when she heard of the very public engagement.

Shoulder the blame

3. Some say the one who just left is to shoulder the blame for the mess in the organisation, as when the previous board attempted to clean house, a special visit made sure there were no changes.No-show dancer

4.Eyes were straining all throughout the event, peering to see if the 'go-go' dancer would be appearing. Word is she got her invite as well, so all eyes were searching for her and the love child.

Not grand

5.Some who attended the high-profile function where the big-surprise announcement was made are still fuming that the event was reduced to a mere entertainment spectacle.

Gross negligence?

6.Quote of the Week: "Someone needs to go to prison, if not for fraud then gross negligence and or incompetence."

Award to accused

7.The story that one who was under investigation in another jurisdiction was so recognised is not going down well in some circles. The award and those who made it have become the laughing stock in polite circles, both here and overseas!

Hush-money!8. Some are calling it hush-money; they say how else they can explain a severance package that includes two-year compensation plus all kinds of other sweeteners? Now there is a call for the package to be investigated as well, plus a number of other deals during the tenure.