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All Season spices up Spur Tree

Published:Saturday | October 29, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Long-serving employee Robert Smith shows off some jerked pork.- PHOTOS BY DAVE LINDO
Tourists enjoying the view from the upstairs bar.
Dave Lindo, Gleaner Writer

SPUR TREE, Manchester: ONE OF the delights in travelling on the Spur Tree hill in Manchester is the All Season Restaurant, Bar and Jerk Centre located midway the hill.

Established by returning residents Lloyd Sinclair and his wife, Veronica, in 1994, All Season provides the best of jerked chicken, pork and popular Jamaican dishes, catered in an ambience with a breathtaking view of St Elizabeth.

"I was taken aback by the view, and I thought that this would be a good location for a business," Sinclair said. "There was a shed there and people used to stop and have a picnic, so I saw where the service was needed."

With that vision, Sinclair, who is originally from the Spur Tree area, set up the eatery with a jerk hut, bar and a restaurant. "From day one, it was a hit," he said. In no time, it became the number-one travel halt on Spur Tree."

All Season is a family-oriented business with Sinclair's wife, Veronica, and son, Christopher, playing their part in operating the business efficiently.

Great service

As to the secret of its success: "It's just the good service that we provide for our customers in a professional manner. We also ensure the consistency in the taste of our meals and that it is prepared and presented in a professional manner."

Sinclair added: "We have customers coming again and again because we place emphasis on customer service. People also love the ambience, especially by the upstairs bar where they can get a wonderful view of St Elizabeth."

"We try and prepare our food early so that people can stop and have something to eat on their journey," Christopher explained. "We basically prepare jerked chicken, jerked pork, and jerked sausage on weekends. The restaurant provides a variety of dishes, including curried goat, fried chicken, cow foot, and we do soup."

The staff members are very friendly and eager to serve. They work as a family, which contributes to the success of the business. Robert, one of the chefs at the jerk pit, has been working at the establishment since it's opened. "It's just a nice vibes working here. The Sinclairs are good people and we (staff) get along well with them," he said.

The jerked pork is an all-time favourite of their customers. "We do our jerk a little different from others in the way we season it, for one, and our sauce. Also, my father kills his own pigs now, so we choose our pigs to provide that consistency in quality," Christopher explained.

Speaking on some of the joys of running the business, Christopher said, "We feel that we are doing something good and the hard work is paying off when we receive positive feedback from our customers, and also see some of them coming back for years. That gives us a great lift."