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Veteran artiste's return to Sting not worrisome

Published:Sunday | October 30, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Cassafaya (right) and Chris Toppa.- Contributed:

Curtis Campbell, Sunday Gleaner Writer

Veteran singjay Cassafaya, formerly called Cassanova, says that he is ready for Sting. According to the artiste, who already has six appearances at 'the greatest one-night show on earth' under his belt, he is not the least nervous.

That nervousness would come from the fact that Sting, a traditionally hardcore dancehall event, might be unkind to the more mellow sounds of reggae.

"At Sting you have to show difference, and be authentic, I bring good music and unity, plus I will bring on an artiste from Germany to show the progress of reggae music and the fans will love it," he said.

According to the artiste, he is not nervous about performing at the show because he has already done so with success.

"Mi perform at Sting six times already and never get bottle. I am not a stranger to performing enuh. I have won Tastee [Talent] competition and other competitions in Jamaica before, I used to win those so much that they banned me from entering again," he said.

contract signed

The artiste says that he has already signed his contract with the promoter of the stage show, Isaiah Laing, and is just getting himself mentally prepared.

"Mi jus a gwaan prepare because I want to have a good show. Then from there to my European tour, I am bringing on a German artiste name Chris Toppa. He is kinda nervous because of an incident with another German artiste, but we a duh good music so once the vibe positive, we will deliver, Mi dun sign the contract and a Laing fuss mek mi record a song inna studio so it's all good," he said

The artiste is promoting his single Give Thanks For Life featuring ChrisToppa, and promises to shoot a video for the single both locally and internationally.

"We wanted to shoot it in Germany alone at first, but then wi a seh the song mentions Jamaica so we are going to shoot it in both countries," he said.

The artiste says that his music is getting favourable attention in Europe, and he is currently trying to tap into the Jamaica.

Cassafaya currently has an album released called Love Over All which he says is doing fairly well.

"The album is not doing too bad since its release in 2003, we are currently sorting out the iTunes account because people have too many ways to steal music these days," he laughed.