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DJ Nicholas celebrates a double - Birthday, album launch parties in one

Published:Monday | October 31, 2011 | 12:00 AM
DJ Nicholas performing at his birthday party/ album launch on Saturday night. - Photos by Marcia Rowe
DJ Nicholas (right) and his wife cut his birthday cake.
Sister Sasha during her stint on stage.
Omari rocking the audience.

Marcia Rowe, Gleaner Writer

On Saturday, many turned out to celebrate with Nicholas 'DJ Nicholas' Eccleston the launch of his third CD - School of Volume - and the celebration of his birthday.

At 10 p.m., a dapper looking DJ Nicholas made his first of three appearances.

"Tun up the bass line," he announced and proceeded to sing Devine Maths followed by a topical issue in the education circle dubbed Bad English. 'At the end of the day is the blood of Jesus' the song said in part.

He then teamed with Tobago gospel artiste Positive, to do Rock of My Life.

Approximately 20 minutes later, with a change of attire, DJ Nicholas returned to the stage to Get Jiggy for Jesus.

After singing another track that speaks of Twitter and Facebook, the birthday boy took the tempo down a notch as he spoke to his audience. "I could have been a sad story," he told the audience, noting that he has been a Christian for 12 years now. And after more testimony and ministering, he invited Sister Sasha to join him in singing Ah Fi Mi Jesus. And this began a list of instructive dance songs that had the already excited audience moving back and forth, side to side doing the 'holy ghost shake'.

A birthday cake bearing the title of the CD was later brought on stage. It was meant to be a surprise from Nicholas' wife, but the deejay said he was on to her.

Later, The Gleaner spoke to DJ Nicholas, who now resides in the United States, about the creation and title of his CD. He explained that the CD was three years in the making. It is a compilation of hit singles over the period and includes hits such as Holy Ghost Gym, along with some new tracks. But what about the title of the CD, School of Volume? How did that come about?

All about learning

He explains: "Volume is our theme. And when we talk about loud, it is not just shouting, but loud as in being a proud Christian. Once you know me, you know that I am a Christian, whether you believe me or not. I am a professed Christian. Any platform you give me, whether it is big or small, I am going to proudly declare that I am a follower of Jesus. And that's what I mean by loud. So the theme has to do with loud. That's where the volume comes from."

The school concept, he said, came from the fact that most of the songs can be "intertwined in some way or integrated within the school setting. Holy Ghost Gym is about the physical education class. And so that is why the CD is called School of Volume."

DJ Nicholas will continue the promotion of his CD at a show in Montego Bay and some tentative dates in Cayman, Guyana and Costa Rica.

Also performing on the over four-hour programme were Jermaine Bolton, Sean Lifa, Sista Sasha, Dunamis, Jermaine Edwards and Omari.

But it was the latter two who seemed to have understood that the event was more of thanks and praise than the over-used testimony of gangsta or otherwise past. Instead, both went for the familiar and more uplifting songs. In the case of Omari, he only began the first lines and the audience continued. Edwards, on the other hand, opted to sing along with his choice of lively Negro spiritual choruses.