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High drama, fine comedy!

Published:Monday | November 14, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Danville Walker
Kern Spencer

I've been perusing the papers and watching the tube for the past week, checking out all the happenings as we brace for the imminent polls.

I love that, as usual, Jamaicans have produced some fine comedy. Danville Walker may be wondering to himself : 'a wha dis fada?' After meticulously going about putting up his billboard, some unscrupulous louts decided his image wasn't 'cutting' it and promptly cut out that part of the sign. Right now, it looks like a BlackBerry Messenger profile with no picture. What I found funny was that he complained to his opponent, Central Manchester MP Peter Bunting. Now to be fair to the incumbent Bunting, what was he supposed to do? Unless he knew precisely who did it, all he could do was condemn it publicly. The cynic would say that's what Walker gets for leaving the 'good good' work at Customs!

So he's not feeling any love from the people. Dr St Aubyn Bartlett isn't getting any from the people of Eastern St Andrew either. Remember some protests a few years back, when they accused him of loving the horses at Caymanas more than them? Harsh! You'd think it was the horses who would kick him back! Down in Eastern Westmoreland, the people aren't feeling Don Foote either and would like to 'boot' him from the constituency. Ouch! At least reigning MP Luther Buchanan finally apologised for tearing Foote's shirt during the last election. Better late than never, I suppose.

Meanwhile, the People's National Party is having a few niggling issues of its own. Kern Spencer has finally decided 'no mas' with representational politics (at least for this election). So that means they'll have to find somebody else. Still, for that constituency, North East St Bess, the PNP could put a gorilla to run and he'd win by a landslide.

Have to be honest with you, though. I'm no political analyst (I hear you saying "Really?" in a sarcastic tone). But I'm wondering where some of the new candidates are going. Some, on both sides, are being thrown into some pretty safe seats for the opposing member. Maybe they'll get their nomination money back at least. By the way, I hear Ras Astor Black's Jamaica Alliance Movement (JAM) has assembled about 30 candidates. The Jerusalem Bread Foundation may also be back. Hmm, JAM and Bread? Suddenly, I feel hungry.

Anyway, I'm truly supportive of any third party or independent for running for office. At least they're standing for something. And in Jamaica, where those two rule the roost, that takes commitment. Good luck to you all. But oh, mi still nuh want nuh election dis year! I haven't switched my position (like Sharon)!

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