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Green building up to pro card

Published:Tuesday | November 29, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Shanique Green displays her abs and thighs while competing at the International Bodybuilding Federation Amateur World Bodybuilding and Figure Championships held recently in New York. - Contributed

Ryon Jones, Gleaner Writer

Despite placing third at the International Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) Amateur World Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in New York recently, Jamaica's Shanique Green is not satisfied, as she wants to gain the coveted pro card that will allow her to compete professionally.

Green competed in the Open Women's Bodybuilding category and placed third from within a highly competitive field of eight women from countries such as Australia, Germany, England and the United States of America.

First place and the pro card were awarded to England's Anna Millington, while Australia's Victoria Turner placed second.

Green, who was the tallest and heaviest entrant, was immediately singled out in the first call out and was placed in the middle with two other women, where she stayed for the majority of the 15 minutes of comparisons.

She displayed the results of her six-month regimen of dieting and training throughout the series of quarter turns and mandatory poses, all done with style and grace with her infectious smile in tow.

"Ultimately, getting the pro card is the goal, I came close to achieving it twice, so I think that it is something that is achievable," Green shared.

"Right now, I am in the amateur league, so the pro card is my ticket to the professional league; meaning I can compete for money, as in the amateur league you are just competing for trophy and bragging rights," she added.

She believes that that if she makes the improvements that the judges have suggested, she can achieve her goal. With this in mind, Green is currently contemplating taking next year off to work mainly on the definition in her back.

"Every time I go to a show, I come back and go back to the drawing board and work on the areas I need to improve on, so no year I go back I am the same. I have made some improvements," Green outlined. "I so want to reach the point where I have made sufficient improvements to beat out the competition and win that pro card."

She added: "I am trying to ensure that the next time I go at it, I am in a condition that they have no choice but to give me that pro card."

The 31-year-old, who has represented Jamaica in volleyball and is a member of the UWI Volleyball Club, got attracted to bodybuilding while doing rehabilitation work for an ankle injury she suffered while playing volleyball in 2001. The injury derailed her hopes of making the national volleyball team that year, but she rebounded to make the team the following year.

Green won her first bodybuilding competition in 2008 when she claimed the INBF Hercules Champion, competing in the novice category. She followed that up with victory at the INBF Naturalmania Champion in 2010, competing in the heavyweight section.

"When I started I liked the results, liked what I saw after exercising and dieting and just decided to stick with it," Green declared.