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Judge issues warrant for St Thomas two

Published:Friday | December 9, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Bench warrants were issued yesterday in the St Thomas Circuit Court for Kayon 'Treasure' Campbell and Derron Williams because they were not at court.

However, defence lawyer Hensley Williams, who is representing the men, said at the time when the warrants were being issued the men were at the Yallahs Resident Magistrate's Court, St Thomas.

Williams said the court was informed on the last occasion that the director of public prosecutions was going to enter a nolle prosequi in the Resident Magistrate's Court. The two men would then be charged jointly with Ramesh Simpson and they would be tried in the St Thomas Circuit Court.

Simpson is in custody but the other men are on bail. They are to appear in the St Thomas Circuit Court today before Justice Carol Edwards, who issued the bench warrants.

Campbell and Simpson are charged in connection with an incident last year in St Thomas when Germaine Jones was shot several times.

Campbell and Derron Williams, who are both from St Thomas, are also charged jointly with attempted murder and conspiracy to murder Ian Johnson.

Attorney-at-law Hensley Williams told The Gleaner yesterday that he was not sure for which of the cases the three men would be jointly charged.

Campbell and Williams are accused of plotting and attempting to murder Ian Johnson.

Johnson was the man who made allegations last year that former Mining and Energy Minister James Robertson, and others, plotted to kill him.

Robertson has denied the allegations.

After Johnson made a report in 2010 that his life was being threatened, he sought political asylum in the United States, but his application was denied.