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Bridget Sandals for Daydreams

Published:Monday | December 12, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Kenya - Contributed photos

Gregory Wright of Wright Image, the promoters of popular party Daydreams, is looking forward to seeing female patrons stepping out in stylish Bridget Sandals to his event this year. He says women love the brand and he has found that more and more patrons are wearing them to his event.

"Daydreams is a premium event that offers a completely unique and original party experience for all. Bridget's Sandals are the preferred footwear for this event, because they are fabulous on the feet and are perfect for any occasion, formal or casual," Wright commented.

"We have a special treat for our loyal patrons this Christmas. We will be hosting Daydreams at Hope Botannical Gardens. We encourage persons to wear Bridget Sandals, because they are stunning and sophisticated, just like the women who patronise our event," Wright added.

Events like Daydreams, Jonathan Buchanan of Bridget explains, boost sales per day by 10 per cent. He recommends the following styles for the event:

  • The trendiest style right now is the 'Cutaway'
  • The simple, sophisticated, fun, gravity-defying 'Rose'
  • The vibrant leopard 'Fork' is a must-have this season.

But partying aside, with Christmas in the air, women across the island and the region are looking for the best deals, gift ideas and styles that not only look great, but are ideal for all outings. The popular Jamaican brand of footwear has established itself as a leader and the company is investing in new styles and designs that will set them apart from other suppliers.

Buchanan says the company continues to focus on quality, style, comfort and fashion in the design process.

"We strive to make every sandal to absolute perfection; they are durable and that makes us industry leaders," Buchanan said.

Whether it's a comfortable pair of leather-covered wedges, or blooming leather flowers nestled between the toes, or thin lace-ups sexily snaking around the ankles, style is always high with the brand. Colours from stark white to rich copper to water green, appear in her ever-changing collections.