LETTER OF THE DAY - Repealing buggery laws a return to moral depravity

Published: Tuesday | December 27, 2011 Comments 0


I note your editorial 'Kudos to [Portia] Simpson Miller on gay rights' for her pledge that a People's National Party (PNP) administration would review the buggery law and allow a conscience vote on the matter.

In the 1960s, the British government, with the support of the Church of England, liberalised their sodomy law. In my hearing, the then archbishop of Canterbury explained to students of the United Theological College (UTC) that the Church supported the liberalisation to encourage practising homosexuals to come out into the open so that the Church could help them to change their lifestyle.

Today, homosexual marriages are on the rise. It was expected that by December 5, the British government would have lifted the bar on same-sex civil-partnership ceremonies in churches. A man was found guilty of misconduct and punished for privately disapproving this proposal.

The British prime minister recently warned that his government would withhold British aid from countries which fail to repeal sodomy laws. The archbishop of Canterbury, who addressed us at UTC, neither envisaged nor intended such developments.

You urged Mrs Simpson Miller to make the repeal of a law that has no place in the 21st century a platform promise. I hope that the subject will be addressed in the remaining political meetings.

low moral ground

On what basis have you decided that the sodomy law has no place in the 21st century? So far, has the 21st century been outstanding for moral excellence? The opposite is the case.

Homosexuality has a long history. Fourteen of the first 15 Roman emperors were homosexuals. The late Scottish theologian, Professor William Barclay, wrote: "In this particular vice in the time of the Early Church, the world was lost to shame; and there can be little doubt that that was one of the main causes of its degeneracy and the final collapse of its civilisation."

In this 21st century, I object to the very thought of my country returning to the moral decadence of the first century, which even their own moralists admitted.


Brown's Town Baptist Church

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