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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | December 29, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Claims and counter claims

1.With the year set to end with a cliff-hanger election, the diehards are spewing all kinds of claims and counter claims and efforts to suppress votes. One commentator has said the campaign by some activists to brand some commentators and pollsters as activists and/or apologists is the best template of "how not to win friends and influence enemies".

Do-or-die race!

2.Some see the election as a do or die for some. Do, means a victory. Die, translated to mean if they lose, they can look forward to criminal investigations and possible new addresses where 'short-pants' is the required wear.

Don't look to us

3.When some went caps in hand soliciting donations to help fund the campaign, they were told to go knocking on the office suite of those who had benefited, as there is disquiet within the ranks of traditional donors who now contend that those who benefited the most should bear the cost of funding the campaign.

New social faces

4. Some observers say there will be new faces popping up on the party circuit after the elections, but the hope is the newcomers will not be as crude as some of the current crop of delegates!

Not a good fight

5. Some disarray seems to have crept into at least one of the camps in the waning days of the election, with stories about resignations and firing over the status of the campaign and its direction running rife. Story is not everyone on-board is happy with the very negative nature of aspects of the campaign, with some complaining the effort needed a central message and more cohesive tone to jive with the pronouncements of being "new and different".

They are coming!

6. Some are saying whatever the outcome of the election, what is certain is that sealed indictments will be unsealed soon and that could see some in the private sector, as well as the public sector, being extradited to face criminal charges.

Big election bets

7. With both the Opposition and Government predicting giant-killing upsets, pundits are taking bets on some very prized electoral scalps. The odds for some could make for some wealthy individuals, if they are realised when the dust is settled!

Bag-packing completed

8.Story is some have packed their bags, just in case, and have returned to driving their own motor vehicles, with at least one sending his security detail on leave, preferring to go it alone, for the time being, just in case political fortunes bring about a new status.