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The New Year brings 'Call Me Mr Melody'

Published:Sunday | January 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Tony Curtis, Singing Melody and Lukie D of LUST perform at Symphony Under the Stars. - File

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

For his sixth album They Call Me Mr Melody, recording artiste Singing Melody said he got input from fans and industry insiders to release a more mature project.

Melody, who recently returned from a Japanese tour with his group LUST, said he reached out to his Twitter and Facebook fans and got their thoughts on a possible album title.

"I reached out to the Facebook fans ... we give people an idea so they can be part of it," he told The Sunday Gleaner.

He said the social-network fans did not help to decide which songs would be included on the album, but he also got outside input in that regard. He said an album-listening session was held with the press, other artistes and industry insiders. It was at that point that the 13 songs for the album were decided on and the first single from the album, Collide, selected.

Although an established act, Singing Melody said he wanted to get feedback before releasing the album.

"Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work. I didn't want to take any risks. We have a lot of experience in production, but this time around, we wanted to hear from people and I think we are getting good feedback from this," Singing Melody said of the album that will be released on January 17.

With the lead producer being Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall, the artiste said he took on producing duties as well. In addition, he said work was done by other established producers like Tony Kelly and Donovan Germain. And, there were also collaborations with LUST, U-Roy, Stacious and Lymie Murray.

No comparisons

Having done albums like Expressions and Sweeter in the past, Singing Melody said he does not want to make comparisons. But, "what I've seen with this album is more maturity. When I look at all my albums I have seen where I have grown with each one. Every album has its own feel and pace", he said.

And, Singing Melody said he is trying to appeal to a wider cross-section of audiences with his 'reggae, world music album', which he says has genres like dancehall, reggae, pop and R&B.

To make this 'world' dream a reality, he said the album will be distributed by VP Records and extensive promotion work will be done by his Shem Music team in places like Canada, United States, Europe and Japan.

However, he said he wants the album to be available in Jamaica first.

As for expectations, Singing Melody said he is positive.

"I think there is a nice little buzz going on. I am getting great feedback from all over the world. I want to go out there and promote this album. We have great plans in terms of what we want to do with this album. If we stick to the programme, we will be having great success for Jamaica's music and also my career," he told The Sunday Gleaner, while noting that the next single to be released from the album is Time Wasted.