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Published:Monday | January 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Nadine Mcleod
Raihn Sibblies
Naomi Garrick
Shenna Carby
Tanya Lee
Yaneek Page
Sara Lawrence
Dahlia Harris
Kaliese Spencer

Nadine Mcleod 2011 Journalist of the year

Journalist Nadine McLeod moved from the verge of leaving the profession she loved to vowing to Flair that now she would never leave it. She moved from the humiliation she encountered at every turn, being told she didn't have the voice for radio to her speech trainer telling her she could not help her, to being the 2011 journalist of the year.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

The Journalist of the Year award is an important achievement. Not only has it bolstered my confidence, but it marks what I hope will be a new chapter in my career.

There are so many new horizons to conquer, some of which I hope to begin doing this year. I have a passion for stories that require in-depth research and analysis, and hope to work on some of those stories this year.

I recently completed my Master of Arts degree in English language, and most of my research was focused on media, language and reporting. I hope to pursue more research in language and media.

One thing I'm absolutely clear about is that I have no intention of leaving journalism now.

I realise that many persons have also faced struggles like I did in trying to get into media, with people telling them that they aren't cut out to be a journalist. All those criticisms only provide fodder for character building. I was thinking, if I was taken off air three times, and years later became a news presenter, then clearly God was preparing me for something. So in my opinion, I'm at a stage where God has given me an opportunity to tell my story.

What steps are you taking to get there?

I've started preliminary research for stories which I hope will touch lives.

What could help or hinder your achieving this goal?

Time constraints and the demands of the job may hinder or, at best, slow down the process.

Raihn Sibblies

A self-confessed 'foodie', Raihn Sibblies loves her job as brand manager of imported wines at J. Wray and Nephew Limited. She loves the fact that her job allows her to explore the many different facets of the industry, not just locally but internationally. "The world of wine is exotic and alluring, it has a rich history and is filled with smells and flavours that tantalise the senses."

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

My vision is to put Jamaica on the map in terms of food and wine experiences. We are having a food revolution worldwide! We can't afford to miss that train!

I will be travelling and seeing more vineyards and launch my wine and travel blog. I visited the Champagne region of France last spring and began my journey with food and the magic that is champagne. It paralleled my experiences with the legacy that is Jamaican coffee with a similar richness and passion in the culture. I also found that my daily journal entries 'The Drop' became addictive not just for me, but for my audience.

What steps are you taking to get there?

Tapping into uncharted territory to change the perception of how wine is viewed (in Jamaica) making them have a local relevance and be as inclusive as possible.

J. Wray & Nephew Limited sponsored Chef Brian Lumley's Foodie's Lyme and Chef Colin Hylton's BBQ Pig's tail was beyond amazing with Spain's Torres San Valentin Parellada white wine.

One thing that could help or be an obstacle to you achieving this goal?

Negativity. But it's all about perception, so rather than seeing a situation as being negative, I see it as an opportunity to overcome a challenge. I read a recent article in Essence magazine, and I had an 'ah ha' moment! "Bless the gifts that came wrapped in sandpaper" - it builds character and that "resilience is a gift from the universe to you". I don't think I could've said it any better!

Naomi Garrick

After years of serving in the hospitality and communications industries, Naomi Garrick made the bold step of opening her own public relations firm. Since its opening in February last year, Garrick Communications has found favour with a growing list of clients.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months I would like to position the brand as one of the leading boutique PR agencies, focusing on unique PR exposure and marketing opportunities for our clients, using both new and traditional media and targeting lifestyle-related brands.

What steps are you taking in that direction?

(i) creating Garrick Communications signature events that will tie in with the direction of the company as well as attract new clients and provide additional exposure for existing clients.

(ii) Strategic targeting of our clients,

(iii) Offering additional services to our portfolio, including graphic design, social-media management and monitoring.

(iii) Partnering with existing PR firms to offer a more diversified portfolio.

(iv) Attending PR summits to ensure that we are 'on trend' with our industry happenings.

Name one thing that could help you to achieve your goal.

One thing that will help me to achieve this goal is a great team that understands our clients' needs and exceeds their expectations.

Shenna Carby: Fashion designer

Shenna Carby was this year's winner of Mission Catwalk, a local television reality show which had up-and-coming fashion designers competing for coveted prizes. Carby displayed unique designs and a winning personality which landed her on top. She's one to watch this year.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

I see myself accomplishing one of my goals of teaching someone what I already know in order to increase my production. I also have long-term goals like getting my own factory, and right now I'm working on my next collection.

What steps are you taking in that direction?

I'm trying to find persons who love the craft to invest in.

Name one thing that could either hinder you or help you to achieve your goals?

What could help me is to get a really dedicated person because there are others who will just start and stop.

Yaneek Page

At just 33 years old, Yaneek Page, owner of Future Services International Limited (FSI) is moving up the corporate ladder and gaining both local and international recognition.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

Pursuing my two major passions - enabling ordinary Jamaicans to access justice and helping people to create wealth for themselves via entrepreneurship and the creation of the Future Services International Foundation.

What steps are you taking in that direction?

We will be expanding Future Services' operations and stepping up advertising and promotions to reach more people islandwide, apprising them of their rights and offering legal funding and litigant support to those who have suffered injury or damage.

The FSI Foundation will be launched this year to assist the needy in areas where legal aid is lacking or unavailable.

Through our new training arm, business boot camp, we plan on training over 250 persons in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship by December 2012.

My major project is to ensure the production and launch of the next hit TV series - The Innovators. The series will show Jamaicans how to use their skills, talents and business ideas to make money and accelerate business success and create wealth.

One thing that could either hinder you or help you, achieve your goal/s?

What will help me achieve these goals is perseverance, passion and a strong network of support, including immediate family and business associates; assistance from key stakeholders would also help.

Tanya Lee is holding her own

Tanya Lee is holding her own in a male-dominated field as regional marketing manager for SportsMax & Caribbean Entertainment Everyday Network (CEEN).

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

By the end of 2012, I see myself proudly assessing the expansion of SportsMax into new markets in the Caribbean, including into the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, as well as establishing a strong footprint in the United States and Canada through our new TV channel, CEEN Entertainment, which is now available to the Caribbean Diaspora in the United States (US). Additionally, I am focusing on the presentation of an awe-inspiring, unprecedented viewership experience for the London Olympics 2012 through the creation of another SportsMax Zone.

I see myself contributing more to the advancement of persons with disabilities.

What steps are you taking in that direction?

Currently, I am conducting market research to inform my marketing strategies for my new foray into the Spanish-speaking market, while scouting venues for the SportsMax Olympic Zone so that it is even more spectacular than our World Cup 2010 venue. The aim is to also widen the subscription base for CEEN as we acquire new distribution channels throughout the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Name the thing that could either hinder or help you achieve your goal/s?

I tend to focus on the opportunities rather than the difficulties. The worldwide economic slump projected for 2012 will be a big hurdle for all marketers; means I must employ frugal, bullseye tactics to surpass projections and outperform the competition.

Sara Lawrence

Come May, Sara Lawrence would have achieved her dream, and no longer will she be seen as a former Miss Jamaica World, but she will also be Dr Sara Lawrence.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

God willing, I will be culminating the first half of my internship year as a medical doctor. When I started the medical programme in 2007, May 2012 was an abstract date, it seemed so far away. My feelings about it weresimilarto when I was a child and I used to think of the year 2000 as a telescopic time with flying cars. Five years later, I am amazed at how quickly the time went by, and today I am 13 months away from finishing this part of my life and embarking on a new chapter.

In 12 months, I will also be enjoying what I love the most about my chosen profession - I must admit the thought of being responsible for persons' lives and managing patients without having the 'med student' buffer is a little daunting, but I look forward to learning more and more from my seniors and interacting with andassistingthe people I feel most connected to and most passionate about, the patients.

What steps are you taking in that direction?

All I can do right now and what I intend to do for the upcoming weeks is to be fixated on my school work, ensuring at the end that I will not only do well in my exams but most importantly that I will be a safe and reputable doctor. The volume of work is tremendous, but with diligence and God's grace I believe all will be well and l will be on my way to living out the marvellous plan He has for my life.

Name the thing that could either hinder or help you from/to achieve your goal/s?

The main hindrance anyone could have from achieving their goals would be to surround themselves with persons who are not as goal oriented or motivated as they are. I am someone who works off of people's vibes and energy, so negativity cannot be tolerated as there is no room for that in my life. My friends and mostdefinitelymy family have been a constant source ofpositivity andinspiration in achieving my goals.

Every day I see my son I know that failure is not an option as everything I do is not only for myself but for him, and this provides me with the highest form of motivation. The biggest help I have received, however, and I have to take everyopportunityI can to to let the world know, is as the Psalmist says in chapter 121 verse 2, "my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." I believe if you stay aligned with His perfect plan for your life, there can be noinsurmountablehindrance inachievingyour goals.

Dahlia Harris

The world is her stage, and through her passion she entertains. Dahlia Harris became known to many when she joined the Jamaica Broadcasting corporation now Television Jamaica as a presenter during Prime Time News.

No longer a primary face on television, she still commands the attention of others through the arts.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

I definitely intend to keep on writing, directing and producing work, and with each production I like to challenge myself to do something different. My current production, Back-A-Yaad, is my first attempt at a full-fledged comedy. I also have my sights set on doing a musical called Jamaica Gold, and I also want to tackle screenplays. Top that with a reggae album of my favourite R&B songs and a second attempt at the TV show Woman to 'Ooman - the slate is full!

What steps are you taking in that direction?

Before embarking on any project, I like to research what has made similar ventures successful. With respect to the theatre and film projects, I have reviewed a number of them from the perspective of audience, accessed various scripts to analyse their structure and evolution from the page and interviewed a number of producers and directors. The album will require putting together a great team of producers and arrangers.

Name one thing that could help you to achieve your goals or to hinder you?

If I've learnt anything it is that the best laid plans often go awry and faith is essential in achieving my goals. I can do all things through Christ; that's my mantra.

Kaliese Spencer eyes gold

Spencer was the 2010 Diamond League champion and the 2011 world leader in her event, the 400-metre hurdles. Though she finished a close fourth in the World Championships, there's no reason to believe that at the London Olympics a spot on the podium will not be hers.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months' time?

As it relates to my athletic career, in 12 month's time I hope to be deemed the Olympian gold medallist and world-record holder in my main event - 400-metre hurdles. I also hope to initiate a scholarship fund or something of the sort that will seek to aid students from my former primary and high schools to reach their educational goals.

What steps are you taking in that direction?

In order to achieve these athletic milestones I know I need to put in a lot of hard work to stay in line with my other competitors. I am presently in training and ensuring that I do all that is necessary to keep my body healthy, and, hopefully, I will have an injury-free year to meet my full potential and athletic goals.

Name that one thing that could either help or hinder your goal.

A major hindrance in achieving my goals could be an unforeseen and untimely injury. I, however, put my trust in God and believe that if it is His will for me to do as I would desire in the upcoming athletic year, then it will be realised. I will, therefore, continue the necessary preparations, place my trust in Him and the rest will work itself out.