A different formula for success

The line-up for the Pepsi Rebel Salute 2012, the 19th staging of the music festival honouring Patrick 'Tony Rebel' Barrett's birthday, does not read like a guest list of the latest, hottest names in reggae.

The unsung hero - Randy and the development of Jamaican music

The Chinese community in Jamaica played a very important role in the development of Jamaican popular music during its formative years.

Jamaica College Choir continues fine-tuning

TOMORROW EVENING at the Saxthorpe Methodist Church, something special will be happening.The Jamaica College (JC) Chapel Choir is headed to Trinidad for a six-day performance tour, scheduled for March...

MIA awards boss diversifies

Queenie Doyley, chief executive officer of the Music Industry Achievers Awards, has branched off into music production.

Vintage elite perform on one night

Fans can expect a big retro smash tonight when four of the biggest stars of the reggae/rocksteady era take to the stage.

Party on a platter - Courier company finds entertainment niche

Need food? A party ticket? Bank transactions, but don't have the time to stand in long lines?

Destra plans to surprise Jamaica

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad:Destra Garcia promises fans attending the 2012 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, The Art of Music on January 26 some new flavours from her already impressive menu.

Reggae exchange programme launched - Jamaican, Canadian companies ink deal

After several years of working together, Supreme Promotions' Isaiah Laing and Fabian Hanson from Vibes Entertainment in Canada have formalised a partnership that will include an exchange programme between the two countries.

January brings the sound of classical music - Orett Rhoden to hold three-part festival

Orrett Rhoden is set to launch an International Classical Music Festival in Jamaica.

Aretha Franklin eyes the aisle again

SINGER ARETHA Franklin has announced that she is set to marry longtime partner William Wilkerson later this year, say reports.

NBC plans show for Betty White's 90th birthday

PASADENA, California (AP): Betty White says her plans for her upcoming 90th birthday might include "a little vodka on the rocks".The tireless actress's big day on January 17 seems to be exciting others more than her.

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