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Restoration for Gong's Land Rover

Published:Friday | January 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The image of Bob Marley at the entrance to 56 Hope Road, St Andrew, seems to be watching his favourite vehicle, a 1976 Land Rover, leave for the first time in 25 years.
Julian Marley with his father Bob's 1976 Land Rover, just before it was removed from 56 Hope Road, St Andrew, where it has been for 25 years. - Contributed Photos

Two days ago, a 1976 Land Rover that was reputedly the late Bob Marley's favourite vehicle moved from the place it had been for a quarter century. It took one of the 'country runs' which Marley used to make, but not with anyone in the driver's seat.

The vehicle was moved to Montego Bay, St James, to local Land Rover dealer ATL's Montego Bay offices, to be assessed ahead of restoration. When it was finished, the Bob Marley Museum and Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart, Bob Marley Foundation's general manager, said, the 1976 Land Rover will be put back on display at 56 Hope Road.

"It has been at the museum since it opened," Lynch-Stewart said. "It is always at the front." After having been exhibited in the open air under a covering but no sides for a quarter century, "over the years, it has naturally deteriorated".

"We made contact with them (ATL) to see if it could be restored. They then contacted the headquarters in London, so this discussion has been going on for some time," Lynch-Stewart said. Next for the Land Rover, she said, is "to pull it down, assess what is required and take it from there. They don't know what they will find".

She noted that even if something on the Land Rover is replaced, the original part will be returned to the museum for display.

Lynch-Stewart said that the Land Rover has been "very popular" with visitors. "I know they are going to miss it. What we will have to do is take a photograph and show people that it has been sent to be refurbished," she said.

Another Marley vehicle, a Volkswagen bus, is at Culture Yard in Trench Town, St Andrew.

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