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Flair mailbag

Published:Monday | January 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

In the Flair mailbag this week, the homosexuality debate is the topic of conversation. Here are just some of what our readers had to say.

Homosexuality: Society's double standards

The issue is deeper than sexual intercourse between same-sex individuals. If the country is willing to repeal the buggery law, then we have to be prepared:

1. for gay marriages

2. for gays having the right to adopt children

3. to change the way sex education is taught in our schools.

4. to accept public affection between gay couples.

Sex is a private (or should be) act between consenting adults. Homosexuals are already involved in sex behind closed doors. When was the last time the authorities kicked in the door to arrest individuals for having sex behind closed doors, or in the past 10 years, how many people have been charged for having sex behind closed doors?

- AnotherProudJamaican

Jamaica has deeper issues to worry about than same-sex relationships. There are no jobs. Too many murders. Corruption in politics and a tanking economy. I could go on and on and on. Same-sex relationships should be at the bottom of your worries. What business is it of ours whether two consenting adults want to love each other or not? Most of the world has given their blessing to this. It is time that Jamaica move out of its colonial-inspired oppressive tendencies and into the 21st century and allow its citizens to exercise their human rights.

- William Compton

Proud Jamaican, your suggestion that sex behind closed doors is somehow beyond the reach of the buggery law reveals your lack of knowledge and understanding about the issue. It doesn't matter if people's doors are kicked down and they are arrested. The plain fact is that the law, unfortunately, makes every homosexual an 'unapprehended criminal', thereby creating and sustaining the destructive homophobia that plagues Jamaica. Oh, and your slippery slope argument about gay marriage and gay adoption fails to impress me or any right-thinking Jamaican. The simple truth is that the buggery law and the homophobia it creates is wrong, and the rest of the world thinks so. However, Jamaica will come to see the folly of its ways in due course.

- G4c

The fact that doors can be kicked down and consenting adults arrested should be enough for anybody to recognise that the law is unfair and archaic. Furthermore, preventing homosexuals from getting married and adopting children really serves no purpose in the wider scheme of things. Homosexuality is not contageous, it is not a virus. The idea that a child will be a homosexual if it is raised by homosexual parents is ridiculous. Statistics show that children raised by homosexuals are more open-minded and aware of who they are and accepting of others. Also, most homosexuals were raised by heterosexual parents.

- Fascinated

If homosexuality is determined as wrong what about adultery, child molestation, rape, incest etc? All are just as wrong and people including the church should not be biased. All miscreants must be held accountable especially pedophiles as children cannot give consent.

- Lena T

No, no, no! we must pray hard and sincere about this. The devil has them all confused and it is just wrong. From humans to animals, there must be a male and a female to produce another. I agree there are many other horrible and abominable sins being committed every day, but for the next generation it will be total anarchy if we tolerate this behaviour. It is just not natural! God have mercy.

- Lena

No way will that be possible in Jamaica. This is telling the future it's okay to be gay. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Women cannot marry women and vice versa for men.

- Tommy T

Let us hear your views on this fascinating topic. Should homosexuals be accepted as heterosexual Jamaicans are? Should they be free to be who they are and openly express their sexual preferences for all to see. Should they be able to marry each other and not worry about violent acts against them? Are you a gay person who has been discriminated against?

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