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Phoenix Printery honours staff

Published:Friday | January 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Keynote speaker at the function, Dr Aggrey Irons (left), listens to Edward Barbar at the recently held Phoenix Printery long-service awards and dinner.
Managing director of Phoenix Printery, Nicola deMercado Barbar, is sandwiched between her father and company chairman, Stafford deMercado (left), and specially invited guest Mike Fennell. They were out celebrating at the Phoenix Printery long-service awards dinner.
Jacqueline Irons (left) seems to be intrigued by the thoughts of Stafford deMercado, chairman of Phoenix Printery Ltd. Looking on is his wife Laurel. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

The success of a company is no doubt dependent on its staff, and chairman of Phoenix Printery Limited, Stafford deMercado, knows this!

In recognising the work and dedication of his employees, the printery boss chose last Saturday to honour long-serving staff members. And so in good spirits, the specially invited guests and employees congregated at the Knutsford Court Hotel to share in their colleagues' achievements while enjoying a sumptuous dinner and fine entertainment.

In a very light-hearted affair, guests were informed about the history of the printery, courtesy of the chairman. Quite pleased with how the company has evolved over the years, deMercado pointed out the challenges the company had faced over the years and how it had hurdled them successfully. However, he says one of the major advancements in the industry has impacted on the company both positively and negatively.

While technological advancements have made things less complicated, it has also resulted in greater demands from customers. Additionally, the constant upgrades to keep up with the market and advancements can be quite costly. In acknowledging the growth of the company and the ongoing plans, he challenged the staff to maintain a high level of efficiency and high work standards.

The boss also beamed with pride at the number of workers who have been with the company for a minimum of 10 years. He quipped that it is a reflection of the company doing something good that has resulted in a low staff turnover.

Keynote speaker Dr Aggrey Irons also used the opportunity to congratulate the company and its team members. He encouraged those in attendance to embrace the future as they are equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Musician Keith Lyn provided the evening's entertainment.