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How to Apply for a Seaman Certificate

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Q. I would like to apply for a seaman passport. Please advise me of the process, and if I could obtain a form online. If not, is it possible for you to email me a copy? I am presently on a cruise ship and expected to arrive in Jamaica for a day. I would like to complete the application before I arrive there, and have my captain notarise it for me. One last thing, can you let me know all the documents I will need to take with me and the cost? Thanks.

A. The document you refer to is actually a seaman certificate of nationality and identity and is issued to Jamaican citizens who are holders of a regular Jamaican passport and who intend to seek employment or are employed on a seafaring vessel. Therefore, as an employee on a cruise vessel, you would need to be in possession of a seaman certificate in addition to your regular passport.

Yes, it is possible to obtain a copy of the application form from our website at www.pica.gov.jm. Alternatively, the form may be obtained at the PICA head offices at 25c Constant Spring Road. Please note, however, that any application for a seaman certificate requires a personal appearance by the applicant.

To apply you will need:

1. A completed application form

2. Application fee

3. Two duplicate photographs certified by the same official certifying the application form (Please note that an embossed seal Should not be affixed to any of the photographs)

4. Evidence of seagoing employment (letter from a shipping company or the Caribbean Maritime Institute)

5. Regular Jamaican passport

6. Birth certificate (If regular passport is not machine readable)

If your captain has been acquainted with you for at least one year and is a citizen of Jamaica and falls in one of the categories mentioned in the passport regulations as being authorised to provide certification, then he may notarise the application form as well as both photographs.

The application fee for the seaman certificate is $1,500 and there is no expiration date for the book.

Standard processing time for this document is three working days; however, you may obtain the certificate earlier through our next-day expedited service for an additional fee of $2,500.

For more information, please visit our website at www.pica.gov.jm. Enquiries may be sent to info@pica.gov.jm.