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Published:Friday | February 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Cavel Carter
Patrick Hinds
Randolph Anderson
Rayon Green

The Gleaner hit the streets this week to find out what Jamaicans think of horse racing on Sundays.

Randolph Anderson, Manchester

I have nothing against Sunday racing because it would mean employment for more people. It would also bring in added revenue for the Government and for the other stakeholders, from the big man to the little man who is involved in it directly or indirectly.

Cavel Carter, Manchester

It is wrong to have racing on a Sunday because it is a day for worship and, therefore, should remain a holy day. In Jamaica, most people worship or go to church on Sundays. They can have it on other days of the week, not on Sundays.

Rayon Green, St Ann

It really doesn't matter which day you gamble. A day is a day, no day is holy personally, I believe. So you can gamble any day. I think gambling can be a bad thing. Preferably, Sunday wouldn't be one of those days you want to gamble. Saturday is a better day.

Patrick Hinds, Portland

I endorse Sunday racing. This is a diverse society, which allows people independence and freedom of choice. Yes, the religious community has its objection, but it can also be argued that whosoever wants to go to church can attend church, and those wanting to visit the track can do just that.