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J'can named top Nissan salesman in Canada

Published:Friday | February 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Alessandro Boyd, Gleaner Writer

A Jamaican has won the Platinum Award for being Nissan Motors number-one salesperson in Canada for 2011.

Forty-nine-year-old Frank Dacosta sold 285 new cars and 50 used cars in 2011. There are currently 117 Nissan dealerships in Canada with at least 12 salespersons per dealership.

"I think if I had done something bad as a Jamaican, then it would have been all over the news. It's time to show the world that Jamaicans are vigilant, versatile and hard-working people. We should be acknowledged by the good things we do. People tend to judge us and don't judge us rightly," Dacosta told The Gleaner.

"I've always been the number-one salesperson in my dealership. Never thought I would be in all of Canada, though."

Dacosta grew up and toiled in the community of Waterhouse before attending Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High School in Kingston.

"I have always been working, even while attending high school. I worked at my older brother's gym and delivered goods from his pet shop. Hard work was my way of life," he said.

Early start

After high school, Dacosta said he worked at Facey Commodity delivering goods out of his personal Toyota Hiace minivan until migrating to Canada at age 28.

He was then given the opportunity to become a salesperson at the Brampton North Nissan branch 11 years ago.

"I sold 23 cars in my first month. The industry average at the time was seven per month. That, itself, was a remarkable feat. That indicated I had the personality to do this business. This was my inspiration in going forward," he said.

Nazi Singh, the sales manager for the Brampton North Nissan branch in Toronto, said he was proud of Frank, adding: "We're ecstatic. He has amazing work ethics, very well customer-oriented, and he truly deserved it."