Thu | Jun 30, 2016

Sloppy cops must tighten up

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


In light of the crime and violence plaguing our country, I am appalled at the obvious lack of security where a teenager who was in custody at the August Town Police Station last week was able to take a firearm from the storage area and walk out of the police station UNNOTICED.

This situation has confounded me greatly and left me to ask the following questions:

(1) Why was a gun so easily accessible to anyone besides the officers at that station?

(2) Who, if anyone, will be held accountable for this breach of security?

(3) Was that an isolated incident?

(4) What measure(s) will be put in place to ensure that an incident like that does not reoccur?

I must admit that the idea of a pistol in the hand of a troubled teen is downright scary, troubling, heart-rending and somewhat unbearable.

Sad to say, nor does it look good for the men and women who have sworn to serve and to protect, as this should not have happened and must never be allowed to happen ever again.

Notwithstanding the speedy manner in which the weapon was recovered, this incident has to be properly investigated and dealt with, because if a teenager who probably just seized the moment could pull off something like this, what could a criminal mastermind accomplish in a similar situation?


Moneague, St Ann