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Be sensitive, Mr Principal!

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The February 6 edition of TVJ's Prime Time News included a follow-up on the tragic story of two teen boys, students of the Cross Roads-based St Andrew College, who drowned while on an unauthorised trip to a Portland beach the week before.

The story began with news that the Ministry of Education had paid a visit to the school, bringing condolences and pledges of support for students and staff. I watched astounded, however, as the school's principal, Donovan Isaacs, commented derisively on the stated intent by the father of one of his drowned students to file a lawsuit in the matter.

Mr Isaacs said one father was talking about "suing" and went on to declare that he (Isaacs) had told the grieving parent that whether the father was going to sue or not, the boys had to be buried first.

My first reaction was one of utter amazement, which quickly morphed into outrage at the gross insensitivity of the comment. I wonder if Mr Isaacs understands that two children whose safety was the school's responsibility have died. Has he considered the inexplicable sorrow that must now be blanketing the boys' families?

I would suggest that Mr Isaacs adopt a measure of contrition sufficient to the magnitude of this hugely traumatic episode.

He should focus on providing support to the grieving parents and other students.


Mother of Two