Sat | Jun 23, 2018

Total rubbish!

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


There are 10 bags of garbage at my gate. Yes, 10. Not the small scandal bags that adorn the fence along the squatter community on Golding Avenue, but the larger 24"x36" garbage bags. They are beginning to smell and are quite unsightly. There are piles at every gate in this town house complex.

I worry for the health of my infant son, as this situation is conducive to the growth of pathogens, not to mention the diseases transmitted by rodents.

I could employ some self-help, but after trying to dispose of my household garbage in several skips all over the Papine and Liguanea area, the proprietors of these premises are now keeping a sharp lookout for me.

I live in the small community of Golding Circle, where there are approximately 110 units of two- and three-bedroom houses. Garbage collection was once fairly regular, about once per week. This became quite erratic over the past year or so, and since November 2011, our garbage has been collected only twice.

I noticed that the last election campaign both candidates cited garbage collection as one of the issues they need to address if successful. I don't know where André Hylton or Saphire Longmore lives, but I wonder how many bags of garbage are at their gates waiting to be collected.

Could somebody please help?