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New Caribbean movie released in Jamaica

Published:Sunday | February 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Not many Jamaicans are aware of a series of movies called Hush. They will soon get their chance. After two very successful movies, the Hush franchise is opening its third, HUSH Twisted Innocence, in the island.

The first in the series, HUSH 1 and its sequel, HUSH 2 - End The Silence, won awards and enjoyed good runs in cinemas and schools around the Caribbean.

The project is being done by Step by Step Productions, in association with Merville Lynch Productions.

After 14 weeks at the box office in Barbados with excellent reviews from students and adults alike, HUSH Twisted Innocence was released in Jamaica last Wednesday at the Palace Cineplex.

Stephen Hall, a noted film British critic had this to say about HUSH, Twisted Innocence:

"Every now and again you come across a masterpiece. On this occasion for Hush, Twisted Innocence you'd have to travel to Barbados for the third of this trilogy, which is where this premiere was held as the movie was filmed and set in the paradise island. This is the finest feature film to be released from Barbados and is most likely to gain many awards."

Featured actors

HUSH Twisted Innocence has again featured some of the actors from the previous movies: Sophia Thomas, Andrew Thornhill, Lesley Cumberbatch and Mark Daniel. It will also feature, for the first time, Brian Haye from Jamaica.

Set on the beautiful island of Barbados, two innocent young girls, Mikisha and Claire, have experienced everything in life but paradise.

Raped and physically abused by their drug dealer father Morris, Mikisha, pregnant at 15 years old, Claire, motherless and brokenhearted since the age of 10, are both on the brink of emotional disaster. Horrible nightmares of abuse and past failures seek to hide true love and happiness from Mikisha and her son, Joshua.

Will they survive?

Is her old flame Troy's commitment to her and her son, enough to woo her back or will her new love Brent be able to get her off her confused path and back on the straight and narrow?

Will she be able to help her younger sister Claire whose twisted lifestyle suffocates her and seeks to drain every ounce of life from her?

Is there happiness in paradise for the two young, innocent souls?

Will they survive?