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Rohgees wants the world to hear his reggae

Published:Wednesday | December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Young reggae artiste Rohgees, believes he is ready to stamp his authority on the competitive music industry. The artiste who describes his music as unique and timeless, disclosed that his type of reggae is exclusive in pattern.

The artiste performs social commentary, romance as well as songs of empowerment and believes his unique concepts and delivery can give him an international breakthrough.

"Not to brag, but I believe that I can get an international hit because my music is authentic and unique. What I write about is reality experiences, and people can relate to it, plus my production is good and quality is the key to creating good music," he said.

Rohgees spent his early years in St Elizabeth, developing his vocal skills by singing in church and at community concerts.


He also received inspiration by listening to the records of reggae legends Bob Marley and Sizzla Kalonji.

"I respect Sizzla because I believe in good songwriting and lyrical content, that is what makes an artiste good and Sizzla has perfected that craft, while Bob Marley is great and his music is timeless," he said.

Describing his music as 2012 reggae music, Rohgees sees himself as an intellectual, and as such, promises to create material that the world, and not just Jamaica can accept.

"I want to add to what Bob Marley and other reggae legends have created, and I am confident that I can add to that legacy once I get that ultimate attention to showcase my talent," he said.

Restoring authentic Reggae

According to the artiste, reggae music has diminished in its global popularity, and he believes he has the capacity to restore authentic reggae to its former glory.

Rohgees is signed to Portmore-based record label, Unrully Productions, and the collaboration has led to the recording of his new LP entitled THE TROD, which carries seven melodious tracks.

The compilation features songs such as Be Careful, This Girl and Teach Di Youths, which are all enjoying steady rotation locally.

According to Rohgees, he has the musical depth to become one of reggae's elite, as long as he remains hungry for success and remains loyal to his team at Unrully Productions.

The artiste is adamant that there is hope for reggae music if those with a positive message are given the chance to add their element to the rich legacy.