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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | February 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Eating 'a food'

1. The buzz in the capital is that politics is losing out to a certain industry - for at the end of the day, a man "haffi eat a food".

'Significant other, babymadda'

2. There is definitely a different language used to describe people from uptown and downtown in this here land of 'two Jamaicas'. For example, uptown, a babymother is referred to as 'significant other', 'companion' or 'lady love'. Meanwhile, downtown she is simply a 'babymadda'.

Depleting critical supplies

3. Those in the know are hoping that everything will be in place for the ceremony later this year. Seems one party was overgenerous in its national praise, thereby depleting critical supplies. But the order is now in and hopefully deliveries will be made in good time.

Old men, old ideas

4. Seems this Government is obsessed with old men and old ideas. Many are not impressed with what they describe as recycling of old ideas.

Why crime spike?

5. The latest conspiracy theory is that the spike in violence is deliberate in order to justify the changing of the guard. The preposterous notion is how some are treating it.