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Published:Sunday | February 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Poem of the week

A plea to our fathers

Fathers, why won't you get it?

Why won't you understand?

That after becoming a father you just have to stand

In the eyes of a child, especially a boy, you are heroes

their angels, you are their superstars

They don't get why you can't be there

They don't understand why you are never near

Mothers are left to mop up all the heavy tears

When your child wakes up and realises you will never be there

This, fathers, may take many years but then, your trust may take

eternity to regain

So please, I plea, understand that to a child, you are everything they need

They will never understand why you can't be there

So please, stop the quitting and just be there

- Patricia Clarke


Heal the Earth

Do we not understand the meaning of life?

Why do we seek to destroy a life we cannot bring?

At the break of dawn the daytime god cries out

an angry voice unleashing a wrath hot as hell

Imprisoned in our own habitat

We cannot voice a complaint

there's no one but us to blame

for the pain we caused on a land now lame

We ask ourselves, 'did we do that?'

As we watched the iced lands melt away

and trees wither away

ourselves fading out like yesterday

How can a species with such intellect

be so naive as it stares in the face of death?

We overlook the domino effect and do our wrongs

We cause much harm to a land left scarred

We ignore the purpose of our lives

to embrace and harmonise with nature

Yet cry when nature returns to us the favour

unpleased with our plans and ungrateful ways

We must better tomorrow, today

or we will shorten the light of our days

Heal the world and save the Earth

Preserve life for what it's worth

- Sasha A. Lodge


The irresistible

There's this tingling feeling that I cannot resist

That causes my love to overflow like an ever-running mist

I try to hide my love sometimes but it rises to the top

And whatever I am doing, when I see you I have to stop

I am ravished by your beauty, I am a prisoner of your smile

And with each look of passion your eyes just drive me wild

I am sinking like Titanic no more to rise again

And when this life is over in love I'll remain

Each day you are my sunshine each night my sweetest dream

You're like a spring of water

I am sliding down your stream

Sweet kisses are my fantasies just looking at your lips

and there's nothing I would prefer, than to take a romantic trip

- Marlon Whyte


Stuck on you

No matter what I try to do

All I can do is write about you

No matter how hard I try

You are my heart's only desire

Attempting to pour out thoughts of this materialistic world

But your mercies, blessings and compassion are the only things I can comprehend

I won't fight it

For I don't mind

Being stuck on you, Lord

Is my heart's cry

I rather write about you till I sit to your right

than not be able to use this talent to show people your light

I rather be stuck on you

Than fighting to keep my thoughts pure

I rather be stuck on you

Than write about

Nothing that pleases you

Lord, I rather be stuck on you

- Racquel Robertson


Dream lover

Dream lover

You are the sunshine of my life

I think about you

All night long

It feels so good to be loved so bad

You are

Always on my mind

How am I supposed to live without you?

Now that we found love

Hold me, thrill me, kiss me

You're all that matters

Through the years

I love being in love with you

Oh darling

I just can't stop loving you

From now on

I just want to be your everything

I finally found someone

On the wings of love

You are my heaven

Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours

- R A Bailey


Love is priceless

Anyone who receives true love is certainly blessed

If that person is you

You can no more be lonely and blue

If you haven't acquired it as yet

Never worry, never fret

Only search with faith each given day and this unique blessing will certainly come your way

The kindly deeds and awesome thoughts that float you in the 'pink' is the only package that true love brings

- Beryl Campbell


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