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Disadvantaged by Digicel

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It is hard for some Jamaicans who have landlines to understand the challenges that those of us who do not have landlines face, especially when we seek to access the Internet.

Bagatelle is one such community where we do not have landlines. For years, we struggled with Cable & Wireless to access the Internet from the comfort of our homes, without success. Along came Digicel, and this brought us hopes that were soon dashed. MiPhone brought some hope that was not realised.

Then came Claro. It was a red-letter day when it rolled out Claro 3G. I was excited when I bought a modem and took it home. We were able to access the Internet. It was a joyful occasion. I wrote to Claro thanking them for making it possible for us to connect with our friends and family and do business via the Internet.

Above all, the rates were reasonable. We could even buy unlimited one-day access. For us, this was a dream come true. We had a few disruptions at times, but we had reasonable service.


We were not amused when Digicel bought Claro. We waited with trepidation for the transition to take effect. We were deeply saddened as Claro credit became more and more inaccessible.

As consumers, we are the pawns in the game that businessmen play. Unfortunately, they hold the key to our Internet access and those of us who do business via the Internet depend on their business for ours to survive.

We have now exchanged our Claro modem for a Digicel one. We are definitely at a disadvantage in terms of accessibility and cost. We are the losers in the Claro-Digicel game. We are the casualties.


Bagatelle, Clarendon