Casie and her Chainsaw

Her best friend is a chainsaw. Not the typical thing for a woman to get close to, but this tool has allowed Casie Nicely to accentuate dwellings and business places with her creative and statement-making furniture....

Jamaican teacher publishes books on autism

In the April 4, 2011 issue of the Flair Magazine, we highlighted the achievements of Jamaican teacher Lena McCalla Njee. After teaching in the United States for over 19 years, she was elected as Teacher of The Year for the Irvington School District in New Jersey...

Du'Look fashion catalogue

In it's 50 years of independence, Jamaica has seen many firsts. And one such milestone is the Du'Look Jamaica first fashion catalogue by Du'Jour Transform Limited. The first issue will be released in June 2012....

Forget the competition

Aruba-based L'OrEal Paris trainer Lizayra Tromp-Polak has advised Jamaican customer-service representatives for both the L'Oréal Paris skin, hair and cosmetics lines, as well as the Garnier skin and hair products not to refer...

Analysis of the impact of infertility on fertility change in Jamaica: 1960-2002

Research into the factors constraining fertility levels has tended to focus on modernisation, industrialisation, and urbanisation with their accompanying improvement in population health status, morbidity and mortality, along with improved child survival...

Who waan vex, vex!

There are a few things on my mind this week.The first one is dealing with the West Indies. I will not call them the Worst Indies this time because I have seen genuine improvement.

A race against time

Just when you thought the world was getting so advanced technologically, there was no room for foolishness, the racial tensions in the United States of America rose to the surface...


A landlady who is registered with the Rent Assessment Board rents a self-contained flat to a young woman on a monthly basis. There is no written tenancy agreement, but the terms of the tenancy have been discussed and have been agreed upon between the parties...

The Pink Lady

It seems it was written in the stars what Elizabeth Langdon was meant to be.She had no choice but to follow in the footsteps of her jewellery-making mother, Celia, and fashion-designing grandmother, Yvonne Ennevor...

The issue of sexual harassment

According to one scholar " ... the child advances in age and leaves the toddler stage, younger boys begin to follow and mimic older boys at play and in carrying out agricultural chores" and that "small girls of the same age are directed towards domestic activities...

University love connection

Christopher Bryan Cooke and Tomeika Latoya Clare met in 2005. She was a third-year student at Northern Caribbean University pursuing a bachelor of science degree in nursing and he was a first-year student at University of Technology ...

Training Camp for a healthy lifestyle

Training Camp, the sporting goods store, which has been under new management since September last year, is promoting at-home fitness."We try to cater to every stage of fitness," said Kimberly Roper...


Travis Muschette and Cassandra Edwards met in April 2007 during a peer counselling training workshop organised by the Peace Management Initiative of Jamaica.....

Daegu to London

Join us for non-stop coverage of the World Championship in Daegu
Daegu to London

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