Unions upset

LABOUR MINISTER Derrick Kellier's announcement yesterday that public-sector employees should not expect a wage increase this fiscal year has drawn a strident response from some trade-union leaders who say his comments "send the wrong signal" and could influence the negotiating process for state workers.

FREED! - Stone Crusher leader released by court

ALLEGED LEADER of the Montego Bay-based Stone Crusher gang, Eldon Calvert, who had been in custody for four years on a triple-murder charge, has been freed because of the alleged fabrication of evidence.

Oswald James sentenced to prison

POPULAR ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Oswald James has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment for fraud.

Minard animals a no-show

ANNOTTO BAY, St Mary:FOR THE second straight year, the highly anticipated cattle segment of the livestock display at St Mary Agri Expo held at the Grey's Inn Sports Complex was a major disappointment with only one animal on show.

Rescue plan fails to thwart murder plot

Glenroy Sinclair and Horace FisherGleaner WritersTHEY GOT wind of a plot to kill her and immediately rushed to the small community, near Caanan Heights, located a mile away from May Pen, Clarendon, to save her life, but tragedy struck and the lawmen's...

Money woes dampen St Mary Agri Expo

ANNOTTO BAY, St Mary:TREVOR STODDART, chairman of the livestock exhibit committee for the St Mary Agri Expo, was livid about the absence of significant numbers of livestock.

Tractor-rental service good to go

THE MINISTRY of Agriculture and Fisheries will be moving to aggressively market its tractor-rental service following Wednesday's presentation of certificates of competence to 26 operators, who completed a two-day 16-hour training programme in the use of...

Did NEI err?

WESTERN BUREAU:EDUCATION MINISTER Ronald Thwaites says he will be asking the National Education Inspectorate (NEI) to review its designation of the Green Pond High School, in St James, as one of the 12...

Children's advocate goes after Pastor Lewis

WESTERN BUREAU:THE OFFICE of the Children's Advocate has indicated that it will be playing a supporting role in prosecuting the perversion of justice case against embattled international televangelist Paul Lewis when the...

Poor customer service at Bustamante Hospital

My recent trip to the Bustamante Hospital for Children has led me to write this letter because of the level of disrespect, poor customer service and scant regard for parents/guardians seeking medical assistance for their children.It is very sad to hear...

'Follow the House rules'

SPEAKER OF the House of Representatives Michael Peart said he denied a request by opposition members Delroy Chuck and Desmond McKenzie to move a motion on the adjournment on Tuesday because they did not follow the Standing Orders.

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