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Atheism - it is coming!

Published:Friday | July 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM

By Richard Ho Lung

If God does not exist, everything is lawful. So said Fydor Dostoevski. And as we enter an age of cataclysmic confusion, there is no thought that is forbidden, no action that is wrong. Our generation continues to question and reject every moral principle of life.

There are no wrongs, no regrets, just situations. All God's commandments are subject to man's desires and whims. Morality is a matter of convenience. Here comes barbarism: the age of the beast.

Putting God aside, there is one commandment mandated by man: produce or die. It doesn't matter what is produced, as long as it is saleable, whether it be right or wrong. The highest level of living is measured by material possession: houses, cars, land, leisure, pleasure, money, education, and length of life.

Freedom to do whatever you want on this earth is considered the ultimate in modern man's limited existence. Self-serving and egocentric passions thrive in this milieu which is a culture of death.

Godlessness is already a cultural norm in many European countries which have deregulated Christianity. Once the bedrock of Christianity, Europe has rejected God, and, removing the author of the law, has removed him from all their considerations and decisions. Thus, a world of arbitrariness and confusion.

In our times for instance, there are only partners in marriage, no husband and wife - the length of time of the partnership is arbitrary; there is also any choice of partner in marriage, whether male or female; drugs are allowable, soft or hard; prostitution is a respectable profession; God is any god somewhere out there remotely known; education is literacy and lessons on how to make money, and must be values-free. Everybody must find his own way and find his own meaning in order to make money.


Christians apart, community has broken down. People don't want community, don't want command-ments. In Germany, for instance, of 80 million inhabitants, 30 million live alone! We prefer to be alone and make up our own personal rules and govern ourselves. If God exists, modern man prefers to have a god who is remote. Christ, the interpersonal and intimate God, we do not accept.

Without the Christian God, we are individuals, we have no community, we seize the moment, we grab what we can. We become existentialists. All that matters is the intensity of the moment, the greatest pleasure we can grasp this day, this place, with this person. But when we awaken and the ecstatic moment passes or the time of pleasure fades, we are left empty, with our own feelings of futility and a sense of meaninglessness.

Worldly wisdom has told us that a person is measured by one's productive ability: the market, sales, profit, finance, acquisitions, retiring and drinking tea by the swimming pool. Emptiness.

In order to produce and have those dollars in hand, all things are saleable: our time, our talent, our minds, our bodies and, finally, our souls. In the modern world, we must move our homes and our families if we want to keep our jobs. Thus, we are never stable, we gain the world and suffer the loss of our souls, and those of our beloved.


In Scandinavia, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy and even Ireland, people have given in to existentialism, which leads us on to nihilism - nothingness or a value-free life and world. Then in quiet moments, emptiness leads us back to the question: Is this what life is all about?

As we reduce the families and the value of family life, as population declines, the greatest joy of life (next to our relationship to God and our obedience to His commands) which is family life will be destroyed. Then there is nothing left, as we need to escape our own sense of futility.

That has been the logical progression of modern life. Soon, modern men and atheists will make the death wish. It cannot last. This world, we'll soon find out, is the ashes from which we came.

Maybe that's the only way we will learn. We Christians must take courage. We must believe and more intensely live in Christ, the one true living God. We know that whether others believe in God or not, He exists. It doesn't depend on their belief in Him. And He, His ways and commands are the only "way, the truth and the life".

Jamaica, why give up the most precious jewel that is yours, Christ, the pearl of great price? He has made us the nation which we are, a nation of happy people who are joyful and respectful and wise.

The Rev Fr Richard Ho Lung is founder and superior general at Missionaries of the Poor. Email feedback to columns@gleanerjm.com and mopfathergeneral@missionariesofthepoor.org.