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Kevonne Warmington: a man on a mission

Published:Saturday | July 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Kevonne in his chicken coop at his home in Bog Walk, St Catherine.

Karen Sudu, Gleaner Writer

BOG WALK, St Catherine:KEVONNE WARMINGTON knows no bounds and is a man on a mission for success.

From as early as age 13, he developed a passion for entrepreneurship and has been practising his belief since then.

"Like I used to get certain amount of money each day to go school, I tried to save some. Then when it reached a certain amount, I would call my sister who lives overseas and asked her to back up what I have to buy some phones, and even a computer and sell them back, so I can make a profit and put a little cash in my pocket," he explained to The Gleaner.

Still wanting to generate more funds, just under a year ago, the multifaceted 16-year-old who lost his father in 2010, embarked on another income-generating initiative.

"I looked around and I realised that every day people want chicken to eat," he said laughing, "So I decided to raise chickens. My friend encouraged me to do the business and my mother helped me financially to start," he told The Gleaner.

That project began with 50 chickens. He increased his stock to 100 in the second round and now he has 178 in his coop at his Bog Walk-based home in St Catherine.

dreams of expansion

While he sells his chickens to individuals in the community and a jerk man in Kingston, the confident Jonathan Grant High School student's dream is to expand his business and over time supply supermarkets and fast-food outlets.

"The sky is the limit, so I want to increase my stock over a period of time, and eventually be a big supplier to business places all over Jamaica, but I need financial assistance to do this," he shared.

Already he has one employee.

"My mother works with me," he chuckled. "I have to pay her to look after the chickens when I'm at school and when I'm on the road."

He has also managed to save something from the sales of his two previous batches.

"I have to save no matter how small for emergency, and in the long term, I want to save and buy a car," he pointed out.

talent unearthed

A visionary, Kevonne has been singing since age nine, a talent unearthed while attending the Vision Apostolic Ministry in Spanish Town. In 2010, the gifted teen penned his first song, titled I Will Love Her, which received tremendous airplay on one of the local radio stations.

"I sing R&B and love songs. I write my songs. I write about my feelings, about what happen in the community like crime and violence, but I need a producer, a good producer who won't rob me and make money from my music without telling me," Kevonne said.

He has performed on several shows in different parishes. But while he loves business and entertainment, his real passion is journalism.

"I love to write and share my story and also want to share other people's story, so my dream really is to become a journalist. I want to play many roles in society, so I have to learn as many things as possible," he said confidently.

His mom, Sonia beamed with pride as she spoke with The Gleaner.

"I want the best for my son, because he is a trying child. He tries to put his hand to everything, and when you have a child that tries to put his hand to everything, he will succeed, because whatever he works for he will achieve it," she smiled.