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Published:Sunday | July 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Blind Journey on the 16A

Eleven o' clock bus

Greater Portmore

to Cross Road

Blind man mounts

Somewhere above

Christian Pen

deaf mother

in animated conversation, infant in tow

Bus chugging along

something wrong

We have to switch at Half-Way Tree

True de rear-view mirror wants


Move to a 500

Vex how me have to stand up in this articulated

Lose mi seat

Deaf mother


Till awaiting

Some chivalry


A seat

But to my surprise

De Bus have music

God changes the


to give you

A better ride on the inside

... Stevie Wonder? No Bob Marley

Guitar man tuning out

My pain

"Lord I want to be where you are ..."

Two blind men making music

And dem can sing

"... feasting at your table surrounded by your glory"

"Lord I lift your name

On high ..."

Red offering coin container

Become musical instrument

Passengers pleased

Old lady rocking

"Thanks, thanks, I give you


For all you've done ...

I am so blessed ... "

And so went the encore

Passing National bread

Biscuit and bun

Pedestrian crossing to


Singing still

"... And now let the weak Say I am


Let the poor

Say I am rich

Because of what

The Lord has done

For us ... Give thanks "

One blind man

disembarks at

Cross Roads the

Other follows,

the one


one sorta can

see something

out of eye

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

Teach me to be silent

Teach me to be silent, O lord for I have said enough.

Enough of nothing

Enough of something




If I remain silent I am uneasy in the brain

Remove the unease, O Lord

So that I may be content in silence

Listening more and talking less

For my talking has done very little to help.

Teach me to be silent, O Lord

For I have said enough.

- Corrie Cunningham-Brooks

Boom! Py! Py!

Boom! Py! Py!

Dat is di sound of bullets a fly!

Boom! Py! Py!

Man, ooman ah pikni a cry!

Boom! Py! Py!

Like animals di people dem a die!

Mi live eena Jamaican ghetto.

Dis a nuh Lebanon or Sowetto!

But we have gunman like soldiers from NATO!

Di gun dem too big fi carry eena dem pocket!

Di gunman dem tek di place an lock it!

Bullets a fly ova mi head like rocket!

Mi live eena wah likkle lane.

Mi tink seh di man dem insane!

Di man dem have bullets like rice grain!

Look like a new kine a Santa com fi destroy

Is like every big man an bwoy

Get som deadly assault rifle fi toy!

Boom! Py!Py! Blouse an skirt!

Di murdera dem at mi door!

Boom! Py! Py! Whoooy! Dem come fir murda some more!

Boom! Py! Py! Dem a kill aaf di rich!

Dem a kill aaf di poor!

Man wi kill man ova di bun ting!

But is like di gun ting

Has become a fun ting.

Night an day di man dem guh hunting!

Some come fi paralyse yu.

Some a dem com fi terrorise yu.

Addas come strikly fi 'duppy-rise' yu!

Boom Py! Py!

Mi fren guh kraas di wata

Fig gu chek a likkle dawta.

A him di man dem jus slawta!

Di murdera dem seh war!

Man a du drive by eena kaar!

Man get shot an ded eena di bar!

Boom! Py! Py!

Dem wikid son-af-a-gun!

Boom Py! Py! Di man dem a fya som big heleva gun!

Boom! Py! Py! Too much blood a run!

Boom! Py! Py! Mi wah di shootin fi dun!

- Anthony E. Morgan

I rise

Though sadness creeps upon me ...

I rise

Though I still remember the times we had ...

Though I still think of the you and it makes me sad ...

I rise

Though things have gone back the way they use to be ...

Before I met you, before you met me ...

I rise

I use to think of you and I ...


Even when we die...


I thought that we would fly in love.

Hand in hand

But now?

All that's left are memories

Constant voices of broken and empty promises you made to me

But guess what?

I rise

For you and I were never truly meant to be

If only my eyes were not so blind to see

The truth of your stealth and devious diversity ... of personality

And though my heart still feels this way ...

After it's been four months at bay ...

I will rise and leave those thoughts with yesterday

Peace be with you

For by myself I will stay and ...


- Debra M. Mason


Anyone can become enslaved if they work for nothing long enough

Anyone can be buried if they stay in one place long enough

Anyone can lose his way if he walks the wrong path long enough

Work for something!


Walk the right path!

- Corrie Cunningham-Brooks