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Young, gifted and caring

Published:Sunday | July 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Incoming President Novlet Green (left) accepts her instrument of office from outgoing President Nadia Mitchell. - Contributed
Professor Errol Morrison
From left: Pauline Edie, Robert Cartade, President Novlet Green, her fiancé, Jermaine Deans; and daughter Kenisha Gordon in the afterglow of her installation. - Contributed

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

My dears, sometimes if you listen to the pundits and the disgruntled social classes, you could come away from their conversations believing that, indeed, there's no hope for or redeeming virtue in or about Jamaica. Many posit that the country has lost its moral compass and sense of national direction.

Now, depending on who's doing the talking, it all started going to pot when Jamaica became an independent nation. Others blame the political, social and cultural undertakings spearheaded by the Michael Manley administration of the 1970s, while others of faith ascribe their version of the decline to the godlessness that has overtaken the country and its people.

For all the prediction of gloom and doom, however, there are others who diligently go about their daily lives, and in doing so, manage to be their brother's keeper.

Indeed, one such group is operating under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains. This club is unique in that the organisation that received its operational charter in 1995, with Professor the Hon Errol Morrison as its charter president, now boasts a modest membership of just under 40. Unlike most other service clubs whose membership boasts a retinue of the nearly dead or self-important fuddy-duddies, the Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains boasts a membership of mostly young entrepreneurs and young professionals.

One such person is the very charming and oh-so-fab Novlet Green, who works as an administrative director to one of the largest growing businesses in Kingston. She was installed as the club's president in a gala banquet and reception at the Pavilion, Terra Nova Hotel, recently.

The fab ceremony was attended by club members, family, friends and colleagues of the then president-elect.

Indeed my dears, what you might never hear on the cocktail circuit is the wave of volunteerism and sense of caring by many Jamaicans away from the glare of the flashbulbs of the cameras. Indeed, the new face of volunteerism is of the young as they too seek to make their mark and contribution to the development of the nation through its greatest resource - its people!


Amid the sips and spills, and the fabulous Keisha Patterson in cabaret dishing out some all-time faves from the divas of yesteryear, it all made for a fabulous do and then some!

Among those in attendance were the esteemed Professor Errol Morrison, who was the masterful master of ceremony; past Assistant Governor Clarence Clarke; Assistant Governor Ruth Palmer; outgoing President Nadia Mitchell; past Presidents Winston Barnes and Captain Astley Jones; Honorary consul of the Netherlands and real estate developer, Robert Cartade; the fabulous Dr Kurdell Espinosa; Dr Perceval Bahado Singh; Dr Cliff Riley of the University of Technology; attorney-at-law Manley Nicholson; Kadean Steele of Jamaica Money Market Brokers; the affable entrepreneur Donovan L. G. Brown; the lovely Pauline Edie; the erstwhile human resources and sports marketing consultant, Robert Stephenson; the affable Jermaine Deans of PanCaribbean Financial Services; Leighton McKnight, partner, PwC; president of Shipping Association, Roger Hinds, and the fabulous Marisa Benain, director of culture in the culture ministry; Trevor Riley, general manager of Shipping Association of Jamaica; the lovely Dena Davis Lennox and Yvonne Aquart; Sydney Lowrie; the lovely Sandra Josephs; Philbert Perry of Mayberry Investments; Christine Gittens; Lloyd Spear; and the charming Michelle Meeks-Davis; plus several scores others.