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Flexi-work - a threat to family

Published:Monday | July 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It was with dismay that I read the article in last week's Financial Gleaner titled 'Flexi-work makes progress'. The word 'flexi-work' seems to be an attempt to conceal the fact that this was another attempt to implement the policy of flexi-week in Jamaica.

It is an undeniable fact that the introduction of flexi-week, which centres on the conversion of weekends into normal working days, would be highly detrimental to worship, family life and the cultural norms of Jamaica.

It is very unfortunate that at a time when the moral life of Jamaica is being criticised, and when family life is in such a desperate state, there is now to be added an attack on worship and family life.

At this time when we are celebrating 50 years of nationhood and ought to be strengthening the foundations vital for true nation building, we are about to destroy the very things which undergird Jamaica.

The attack on worship is to be made more direct by adding work - an attractive alternative in a time of economic depression.

The reason for this attack is obvious. It is the age-old conflict between God and Mammon. Jesus warned that each person had to choose whom to serve. It is clear that Jamaica also has to choose.

It is regrettable that by turning a blind eye to the opening of some shops and stores on Sundays, the powers that be have been putting into action the thin edge of the wedge.

May the churches say no to flexi-week and flexi-work.


Spaldings, Clarendon