EDITORIAL - Facing up to sexual deviancy

We are a nation in a celebratory mood, but the recent report about worrying levels of sexual activity among prepubescent children in Jamaica should inject a sober note amid all the revelry.

Buy, blows and butter nuts

My Uncle Jacob had a shop in Calcutta Settlement, deep in the heart of the Central Trinidad countryside. In those days, electricity had not yet reached the village, and we used a Coleman gas-lamp for illumination.

Issue: Rastafarians left out of Jamaica 50

I am very saddened by the fact that with all of our celebrations for Jamaica's 50th year of Independence, there has been no mention of the contribution of Rastafarians to the culture, psyche, and music of Jamaica. Let's face it: The tourists come to Jamaica not just for sun and fun, but also because of the music and culture.

Disappointed in CVM TV

Big congratulations to CVM TV! Yesterday, the Olympic Games officially started, yet most people in east Kingston will not be able to see it unless they have cable.

Limited coverage in Portland

I am writing to voice my gross displeasure at CVM, which fought tooth and nail to snatch the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games. Now, at the beginning of the XXX Olympiad, CVM is failing to deliver on its ability to broadcast!

We need to take a bath in Kingston!

It's the Great Water Shortage of 2012, and it is making our Government look like the world's biggest fool! Where is the responsibility of our elected leaders when it comes to our water supply?

Daegu to London

Join us for non-stop coverage of the World Championship in Daegu
Daegu to London

The Gavel

PNP's credibility slipping fast
The Gavel

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Roving with Lalah

Roving with Lalah

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