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Gleaner encourages parish pride

Published:Wednesday | August 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM

There are only a few things Jamaicans love more than their country, and one of those is their parish.

Even Jamaicans in the diaspora regale each other with glowing stories about their hometowns, bragging about a river, fruit or hill they believe is either unique to their parish or the best of which can only be found in that area.

The Gleaner, having been a part of the Jamaican landscape since 1834, understands parish pride and that's why its new website,, highlights the best of each of the island's 14 parishes.

In diGJamaica's Parish Profiles, there is an overview of the history, demographics, environment and terrain of each parish. There is also a picturesque slide show that shows off the best natural and architectural features of each area.

Dive into parish trivia on topics such as the 1938 labour riots at the Frome Sugar Estate in Westmoreland; the discovery of centuries-old Taino settlements in St Ann; and the naming of Portland after the former governor of Jamaica, the Duke of Portland.

It doesn't stop there as diGJamaica leads you to Google Maps, where users can upload their own pictures on an interactive map of Jamaica, so they can share the best of their parish with the world.

So visit diGJamaica today and show your love for your home parish.