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Gleaner website fosters information freedom

Published:Friday | August 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Accessing official documents from statutory bodies in Jamaica remains a challenge, even with the passing of the Access to Information Act in 2003.

With that being the case, The Gleaner has added to its series of news projects a resource website,

"The Gleaner has always been the source of credible and useful information," said diGJamaica consultant Deika Morrison, who added that, "diGJamaica represents an extension of that, providing the public with key facts and figures so organised for easy access".

Unlike regular news media that are bound by word limits, diGJamaica has room for hundreds of facts and figures issued by statutory agencies such as the Bank of Jamaica, the Ministry of Finance and the Planning Institute of Jamaica among others. The team behind diGJamaica has processed reams of data from official sources and presented them in easy-to-understand charts, tables and motion charts in an extensive data section.

Convenient headings

Users can access figures relating to environmental protection, economics and publicly traded companies and more that have already been organised under convenient headings. One of the features of diGJamaica is the motion charts. Users can select their variables in the key and press play to see colourful circles trend up and down in response to the data. Users can also choose the format of the chart and watch the table morph from a bar graph to a line chart.

The data section at diGJamaica also includes the original official documents gleaned under the Access to Information Act. Here, users can have unlimited access to these documents that have been converted into digital 'flip books'. Browse through the salary packages of the prime minister or those of Supreme Court judges.

In an age where information is the lingua franca, it is absolutely necessary to know and understand one's immediate environment. diGJamaica helps users do that.