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Wheel an' come again - Retro fashion now

Published:Sunday | August 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Sexy was always in! This model wears what was called a pedal pusher, now referred to as a capri, with a midriff blouse. And this would not be an unfamiliar look today.
Palazzo pants and jumpsuits were inspired by the gypsy look in the '70s and have marched right back into today's stores.
A box jacket with a pencil skirt may look very familiar to many corporate women who currently opt for this sophisticated look. Think you are a trendy corporate chick now? Well, so too were the women of yesteryear.
Midi dresses, which refer to the length between the knees and ankles, have been making a steady comeback. These were popular in the '70s which gave women an alternative to the very popular mini. - Contributed
The look of sophistication in fashion has not faded.
: Inspired by the military, the use of bold buttons on clothing was a fashion hit in the '60s and '70s. In this photo, Lopez embellished the upper part of the dress with buttons to give it striking details. Military-style fashion is certainly a part of today's fashion.
Annie Lopez strikes a pose in her Jamaica 50-inspired dress. Made in the '90s and originally black with white side details, Lopez used her hand-painting skills and transformed the original version to make it what it is now - a perfect colour combo dress to celebrate Independence.
That military-inspired looks came back is evident in this Jacket by Dolce & Gabana from their Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection. - File
The modern take on an old classic. - File

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

The saying, 'what goes around comes around', is as true as it can ever be when it comes to fashion!  Tiered or layered dresses and skirts, one-shoulders, polka dots, empire waists and jumpsuits are some of the styles that were prominent 50 years ago but have made their way into current style trends.

Annie Lopez, a notable fashion designer, who has stamped her mark on the local industry since starting out in the 1960s, says many of the styles that are now being sported as trendy were in fact created years ago. According to Lopez, what is deemed 'in style' is dictated by the main players in international fashion scene.

"It is really what they want to push at a certain time, so it is not like certain styles were ever out," she notes.

Perhaps the only trend which was very popular that has not resurfaced in the local sphere is high fashion. High fashion is a must when considering retro fashion and was suited for very formal events, like The Queen's visit.

But according to Lopez, due to the decline in those events and the shift from British-inspired looks, the demand of what was seen as the high-fashion look declined.

"Before you had a lot of high fashion, especially in the '60s, it was about the hats and the gloves as accents," explains Lopez.

Hat consistent

According to her, the hat is one piece of accessory that has consistently been a part of fashion in Jamaica and with the variations in styles and use, she believes it is a staple.

Lopez is of the opinion that the local fashion industry does not get the recognition it deserves, but notes that promoting brand Jamaica is one way to turn things around.

"I created designs using the national colours years ago. And now it is everywhere and is being done by so many. But we don't have to stick to the flag, we can create pieces with the colours in various ways," she notes.

Ready and set to share her skills with students whenever she is called upon, Lopez was very excited to share samples of some of her work created decades ago.

Take a look at fashionable trends from the past, which have made their way back and are now very trendy!