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Pins and Olympic vibes

Published:Saturday | August 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

When we first arrived for the Olympic Games, we had no idea what this whole fuss about 'pins' was about.

Honestly, the first time we were asked for a pin, we almost took out our BlackBerry to share our PINs to the young lady that had made the request.

Now we understand what this thing is really about.

Call it a obsession, a hobby or whatever you want, but besides the games itself, collecting and trading of little pins from all the nations is the most important thing here, and yes, everybody wants a Jamaican pin.

Quite rare they seem to be. Seems the Jamaica Olympic Association didn't walk with enough this time around, but to be honest, if they had taken a million pins, it still wouldn't have been enough.

Pins are worn on lanyards for the most part, and in some cases you can't even see the lanyard itself as it hangs entirely covered with pins of all shapes and colours.

We met a man that has been collecting pins since the 1968 Games in Mexico City!

Ran into another Jamaican today inside the Westfield Stratford City Mall, who was moping that the Olympic Games were almost over and that London will return to 'Boring old London'.

"The Olympics vibes up the place, now it won't be as much fun," she said.

Conquered another Games

So for many Jamaicans here, this weekend will serve as a sort of 'last lick' with a few parties set for Brick Road in East London and, of course, Sunday's big bash at the O2 Arena.

We have conquered another Olympic Games and the Jamaicans are already talking about the Brazilian invasion.

Congratulations to the women's 4x100m relay team, they tried their best and that shows with the national record. Good going, girls!

It was a low-key type of day but with the women's 4x400m relays team shooting for a medal and the men's 4x100m relay team looking for the gold and a world record, tonight promises to be a scorcher.