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Ja embraces diGJamaica

Published:Sunday | August 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The Gleaner's latest digital project, has been embraced by Jamaicans everywhere since its launch in the height of Jamaica 50 celebrations.

Social media sites Facebook and Twitter have exploded with rave reviews for the website that was crafted as a gift to celebrate 50 years of Independence.

Some of the comments include "diGJamaica Handbook will be a national treasure"; "Awesome concept ... love it" and "Have to say that is an exceptional idea brought to life!".

"The Gleaner is quite pleased with the initial reaction to our newest multimedia offering in," said Christopher Barnes, managing director of The Gleaner.

"The feedback received has confirmed that there was a clear need and interest in an offering like this, and we are very proud to have conceived it as our gift to Jamaica for its 50th anniversary of Independence," Barnes added.

The website, which is inspired by the out of print Handbook of Jamaica, presents information on Jamaica's history, culture, economy and the social scene. features photos that are pulled from The Gleaner's Archives and organised in slideshows such as the Jamaica50 Golden Moments; official documents are presented in flip magazines and a collection of motion charts that are derived from official sources.

Visitors to are encouraged to leave their mark on the website through the Suggest the diGs page or emailing their ideas to diGJamaica team at