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Response to Tony Becca

Published:Thursday | August 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM


WE WRITE in response to an article titled 'A cricket season best forgotten', written by Mr Tony Becca in The Sunday Gleaner of August 19.

In the article, Mr Becca spoke to the state of cricket in the country as well as what he called the poor performance of the umpires and players in the recently concluded Senior Cup competition.

While Mr Becca was able to supply statistics to substantiate his remarks on the performance of the teams in the competition, and while he was able to cite examples of the indiscipline displayed by some of the players, not one example was mentioned by the columnist to support his claim that "the umpires, most of them were incompetent ..."

This type of loose, unsubstantiated comment is damaging to the reputation of our members. Unless Mr Becca can point to any particular instance in which members misinterpreted the laws of the game or failed to uphold the playing conditions, he should withdraw those unfortunate comments.

While we recognise that as indivi-duals umpires are not infallible, we take umbrage at the sports writer's categorisation of the competency of members of an association that continues to produce quality umpires, such as the four who recently attended the West Indies Cricket Board's (Emerging Panel of Umpires seminar in Barbados. Mr Becca should also be mindful of the stewardship of international umpires such as Douglas Sang Hue and Steve Bucknor, who are renowned for having served the game of cricket with distinction.

Daniel Warren-Kidd

Honorary Secretary

Jamaica Cricket Umpires'