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Shutl gains audience with Bolt team

Published:Friday | August 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Usain Bolt's managers have made contact with Shutl over its 'one per cent' proposal to the world's fastest man.

The owner of Shutl, the self-described fastest delivery service, has offered Bolt a one per cent stake in the business to have the Olympian's name associated with Shutl.

"Checks have revealed that the UK agency made contact with Shutl but are not willing to comment any further at this time," said Carole Beckford, publicist for Usain Bolt, told the Financial Gleaner.

Team Bolt includes Beckford; Glen Mills, coach; Ricky Simms, worldwide agent; Nugent Walker, executive manager; Gina Ford, US agent; Norman Peart, business manager and Everald Edwards, masseur.

Shutl said the investment would offer high growth prospects for Bolt, the Olympic 100m and 200m champion. The company was started by award-winning and serial entrepreneur Tom Allason in 2009.

Two weeks ago, Allason issued an open letter to Bolt with his proposal. Allason's letter indicated that Shutl wanted to use Bolt to lower its delivery time and "set a new world record" in the process. In turn, Bolt would be used to promote the company.