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Body bars, a growing trend

Published:Tuesday | September 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A body bar which was created for Hikki-Kiss & Tell 'The Valentines Experience' at the New Quad last year. Photo by Hasani Walters

Hasani Walters, Gleaner Writer

Jamaicans have always had reservations when it comes to activities that fall on the more risqué side of life.

One such activity, using body bars, a variation of the Japanese nyotaimori (the practice of serving sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked), has seemingly become more popular in recent times.

One person who provides the service, Valmore Walters of Pleasure In The City, tells The Gleaner that contrary to popular belief, the practice should not be considered taboo.

"People believe the body bar has a taboo nature or it's a freak thing but it's not. The purpose of a body bar is just for entertainment for some people. It's not a freaky thing. It's just like having a meal at a restaurant; it's a sensuous dining experience. Although some people use their mouth and go down and take off the stuff that's on the girl, there's no freakiness going on there," said Walters.

"Some people are shy, they like to see someone go there first and take off something off the girls and eat it and then when they start seeing that they will eat. Some just go there to take pictures. It's not a freak thing, it's just a unique way of eating."

Of course, the women required for body bars need to be attractive and open minded.

A body bar girl hopeful has to have the "full package".

Posts on Pleasure In The City's Facebook page ask for "hot girls with sex appeal and firm breasts".

Walters said he sometimes gets women from Facebook and he has even used university students in the past.

Walters has only been in the business of providing body bars for a few years, but so far, so good.

During the summer, there is an increase in business because of the number of events competing during the period.

"There are a lot of events happening and people want something to bring that extra spice to their party," he said.

Walters became interested in the service after seeing body bars at Hedonism.

"The first body bar was done at a party called Mesmerise in Ocho Rios, the next body bar was in Kingston at Majestic Paradise," he said.

From those experiences, he was encouraged to continue the service.

"The men surrounded the body bar like they were going to see a performance or a stage show. They were literally fighting to eat the delicacies," said Walters.

There are a few simple rules to the body bar that users have to abide by; no one is to touch, talk to or disrespect the ladies.

Walters shared that body bars are requested mainly by promoters of all-inclusive events. Body bars have been featured at Rum Bar Double Shots, Appleton South Beach and Brit Jam Spring Break, among other events.

The basic cost for the service is $25,000.

Pleasure In The City also offers a 'shots version' of the body bar where unlike the normal body bar that sees persons eating fruits, whipped cream and strawberry from the body of a woman, they take shots of liquor in disposable cups.