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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | September 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Hold them accountable

Some are saying if the commissioner of police cannot hold his men accountable, then he should be held accountable as the lawlessness being practised by some in the Jamaica Constabulary Force cannot continue. They say questionable shootings, reports of murders and reports of involvement in the drug trade and lotto scam have gone on long enough and it's high time to purge the force.

Fuming foreigners

Friends are saying some who went into self-imposed exile in Florida and were hoping to return to their lost perches and positions of privilege are fuming. They say they are complaining that despite funnelling several million dollars into their favourite political organisation hoping to be able to return to the good old days, nothing has been done to help.

Not all unhappy

Not everyone is upset that the company has once again changed hands. In fact, many are happy and are looking forward to a better working relationship with the new owners as they say the 'neighbours' who were the owners and managers were rude for the most part and somewhat uncouth, and hostile at times.

All-night service!

Story is one pump attendant at one popular service station forgot to shut down the gas pump one night last week and somehow motorists found out and had a feeding frenzy all night. Story is that one creative youngster started manning the pump and would "fill-her-up" for as little as $1,500 and did booming business all night long. Word is the management and police are now poring over surveillance tapes and arrests are in the making.

Text messages

Those in the know are watching the matter keenly, as they say what the top man does is very important. They say whether he gives a statement will be a clear declaration of whether he is on the side of law and order or not, as there were text messages exchanged between the two.

Time for business

Some say the business is little more than an attempt at money laundering. They say the loads of money collected over a period and channelled through a particular bank account, but which found its way into the personal coffers of the designated money holder, instead of the organisation for which it was intended, has to be accounted for, and hence the new development.

Awful service

The once-favourite restaurant is now earning the wrath of its very loyal supporters and customers. Story is the service is awful and the food has sunken to a new low. Problem, they say, is despite their many complaints, there's been no change in service or food quality.