Sat | Jun 23, 2018

Jamaica and Jamaicans are culturally lost

Published:Saturday | September 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Everything Jamaicans do these days, from social to cultural to political, is anchored in the ethos of Americanism.

We are a country populated with monkeys who still bear the resemblance to humans. Our politicians look to America for their ideas and political slogans. They even look to America and mimic the way they celebrate patriotism, which brings me to the issue of the flag.

While respecting a nation's flag is important, Jamaicans' heightened patriotic sensitivity of recent times got started with the increase in flights from the United States to Jamaica, as well as the access made available to American media via cable television and the Internet.

By observing how Americans treat their flag, we here in Jamaica imported the same sense and degree of sensitivity for use of our own flag. Most Americans' treatment of their flag and their show of patriotism are rooted more in hypersensitivity than a reflection of genuine love.

This is not to say Americans do not love their country, as there are more than ample reasons to love America, but it is the overhyped manner in which they celebrate patriotism which border-lines being bogus.

This is the same quality of patriotic celebration Jamaicans are now copying, and you know what happens when you copy a bogus: you end up with a more distorted version.

Jamaica and Jamaicans are culturally lost. Even our fastest athlete in the world is attempting a fake American accent and attitude. This is so sad.