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Help for your ageing skin

Published:Monday | September 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Avon's new anti-ageing skincare line, Anew. The system has products suitable for women from their 30s to 50s.

Menopause places certain demands on the skin. Dryness, sagginess and discoloration are very common complaints in ageing women, and according to consultant dermatologist Patricia Dunwell, these problems are due to hormonal changes.

"Menopausal and ageing women will likely notice that the skin gets a lot drier and this would require more topical moisture, which can be prescribed or bought over the counter," she recommends.

One noticeable change Dunwell highlights is the appearance of wrinkles, which are caused by a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. However, with advanced treatment on the market, as well as the application of light, surgical procedures, wrinkles can be minimised and repaired.

Sun-damaged skin due to over-exposure to harmful ultra-violet rays will create problems during the menopausal years.

"The damage becomes more obvious in later years and is likely to be more apparent in women of a lighter hue, adds Dunwell.

She recommends the use of exfoliants and peeling agents to deal with this problem as they help to eliminate damaged cells. Using a facial scrub once per week can be helpful, the dermatologist suggests.

She, however, cautions the use of purchasing anti-ageing products over the counter, and strongly recommends that such purchases should be guided by a health professional.

"Products which have an SPF of 15 and over are recommended. And when it comes to choosing moisturisers, one should ensure that they have antioxidants."

Outside of the topical treatments, Dunwell says there are other procedures which can aid in allowing the skin to gain some form of youthfulness.

Skin-resurfacing procedures, such as chemical peels and light laser treatments, can be done following an assessment by a dermatologist.

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