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Date changed for purse bid

Published:Tuesday | September 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Leroy Brown, Gleaner Writer

The purse bid for the Celestino Caballero versus Jamaica's Nicholas Walters World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight title fight, which was originally scheduled for last Thursday, has been postponed until this Thursday, September 20, at the request of the parties.

On August 2, the WBA named Walters as the mandatory challenger for Caballero's title and gave the parties until September 3 to arrive at a voluntary agreement with regard to purse money and the fight venue.

This did not happen, however, as efforts by Jacques Deschamps, who manages Walters, and TMT, the promoting company for Caballero, which is owned by rapper Fifty Cent, to arrive at an agreement were not successful.

In the circumstances, the WBA announced on September 3 that the fight was up for purse bid.

On that date, they sent out notices to all their registered promoters that the fight is available and they should send in purse and venue proposals for the fight. They set the minimum bid at US$120,000 to be shared on a 75-25 per cent basis between the champion and the challenger.

On September 11, Deschamps wrote to the WBA asking for a delay because negotiations were still taking place for a voluntary agreement. He also pointed out that there was a great deal of excitement in Jamaica for the fight to take place here and asked for a change of the purse bid date to September 20.

hoping for something positive

The WBA discussed the request and announced on September 12 that it had been granted and the parties now have until September 19 to come to an agreement. If this does not happen, the purse bid will be held on September 20 and the fight will be awarded then to the highest bidder.

Deschamps told The Gleaner that he was hopeful that something positive will happen to prevent the fight going to purse bid and that serious discussions are taking place at this time. Boxers rarely benefitted when fights were awarded to promoters by way of purse bid, he said, and he would really like to come to an agreement with TMT on this matter.

The next few days are going to be very important, he said, and he was optimistic that something positive will happen in this regard.