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Reintroduce daylight saving time in Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | October 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM


As a teacher who relies on public transportation, on behalf of the many students who rely on same, I would like to make an impassioned plea to those in authority to immediately reintroduce daylight saving time, which ended on October 30, 1983 in Jamaica.

This request is long overdue, but better late than never, as this arrangement provides a safer environment not only for children travelling to school early in the morning but also for adults who have to do same.

Many might not favour us reintroducing this. However, the sacrifice we might need to adjust will be well worth it, as this might well be removing the cover for some criminal planning an act of wrong under the cover of darkness.

In order to arrive at work on time, I am forced to leave my home by 5:45 in the mornings. At this time, it is pitch dark. Many other commuters, including schoolchildren, also have to be up at this time. Fortunately, my home is in proximity to the public transportation route and my street is well lit. Many commuters are not as fortunate.

Please reintroduce daylight saving time now. Prevention is far better than cure, especially in light of the heartless wave of rape and murder now sweeping our beloved country.